5 Best Dropbox Alternative Secure Cloud Storage Services


Best Dropbox Alternatives

Here I am presenting best alternatives to Dropbox. These are the best file hosting services to keep your files, videos, photos, docs and other files stored in a safe way. Even you can easily share your files with others at any time. These file hosting services supports different platforms such as like windows, mac, Linux, android, android tablet, iOS, and OS X. You never lose any file on your device because there is a backup restore option. So without any tension, you can save any file on your device. It’s work as like extra hard drive it keeps store all files on cloud storage. Here you will get full information about best cloud storage services.

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5 Best Dropbox Alternative

1.  Google Drive

google drive

Google Drive is one of the best alternative of Dropbox. Google Drive is used as like file storage and synchronise services. Basically google drive was developed by google company itself. By using google drive anyone can store files in cloud. I think it’s one of the best place to store your important files and you can access them from anywhere. No matter which device you are using because it can support any one such as like Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Vista, Android, Android tablet, iphone, ipad, ipod, OS X and MAC. You can quickly share files and documents to others. You do not need to worry about any files because you never lose any files as there is a back up option also available. You can easily access videos and pictures from google photos. It allows users to store online up to 15 GB on google drive. If you want to use more than that then you need to purchase on google drive.

100 GB : $1.99 per month, 1 TB : $9.99 per month, 10 TB : $99.99 per month, 20 TB :$199.99 per month, 30TB : 299.99 per month


2. Tresorit – End to End Encrypted Cloud Storage


Data Breaches and Data Security is always the main concern when we talk about cloud storage. But with Tresorit Bullet proof security, you need not to worry about that. It offers top-notch security and protects your files against surveillance and data breaches.


Tresorit is end-to-end encrypted, which means your documents are encrypted on your device before uploaded to the servers. No on can access your files, besides you and the recipients. Tresorit is not only a backup service, as they have file sharing and collaboration features like Dropbox: you can create shared folders and work on your files together with your team. And best feature is you have full control over the files, even after you shared it. You can modify or revoke the access any time.

For business users, there are several useful features to control confidential business documents and take care of file security. Usage is very easy, their interfaces are easy-to-follow and understand. The app can be downloaded for all platforms, desktop and mobile devices, too.

Tresorit offers both personal and business plans: after the 14-day free trial period individual packages start at 10 euro, while businesses have to pay 12.50 or 20 euro per month per user, depending on the user number. In case you’re looking for a secure and easy-to-use file sync solution, Tresorit is your best choice.

3. Team Drive

team drive

Team Drive is most famous file hosting service in the world wide. There are millions of people using to store files on secure way. The best way to sync your data fast and secure. You can get access to files anytime through cloud storage. It can support multiple platforms such as like windows 7/8/10/XP/vista, Android, IOS, OS X and Linux. It’s available on more than one language such as like English, French, German, Spanish, Finnish, Dutch and Norwegian. Even it has a remote backup service. It has a very useful options like File sharing, data synchronization, end to end encryption, Convenient back restoration and great source of collaboration. If you want to download this drive then your system need to have few requirements such as like email account, internet connection, HDD space will be 250 IMB and 1 GB RAM.

4. Spider Oka

Spider Oak

Spider Oka is most popular online back up and file hosting service. If we talk about privacy then Spider Oka is best and no one can not replace it. You can share your files with any device no matter what they are using. You can easily access and view all your back data at any time. spider Oka is best flexible hosting service in the world. You can transform any file to anyone just simple creating share link. Spider Oka is free, fast and open source. It can support multiple platforms such as like windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, Mac, Linux and android mobiles. There are so many useful key functions have this drive. If you want to use more privacy mode then you must have this drive on your device.

5. Cloud Me

Cloud Me - Copy

Cloud Me is most famous file storage service in the list. It allows users to used as like file synchronization, cloud store and client software. Cloud me is a free open source and 100 % free download. It’s available all types of platforms such as like windows, NAS, TV, MAC, Linux, IOS and android mobiles. You can access your files whenever you want. It has designed more secure way. You do not need to think about your files because there is a backup restore option is available. You can share anything to your friends, family member and others. You can use your music stream while on go, you can keep in touch with your music library while working on cloud me. You can view your images, videos, and documents when ever you need.


6. Microsoft One Drive

Microsoft One Drive - Copy

Microsoft One Drive is best alternative of Dropbox. One Drive was developed by apple company. It’s getting good response to apple users and most of the apple users are using this drive on their devices. It has a very interesting key features which helps you to come up with best way. You can download one drive for windows, android, mac, OSX, Linux, android , IOS mobiles, windows phone and Android tablet etc. You can access and share your files to anyone in the world. One drive is best for business processing to protect your data and back up restoration. You can collaborate and share your documents to others. You can directly update your photos and videos by using camera back up. You can move any file when ever you want to be. Even there are so many useful options are available such as like create new folders, rename, move, delete, share and copy.


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These are best cloud storage service like Dropbox. It’s a very easy and convenient to use them on your device. Even every drive has a great resource and lots of key features. Let’s find out best file hosting services for your device and best Dropbox alternatives.

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