7 Best Alternatives to Skype for Free Video Calling


Best Alternatives to Skype

Now you can keep in touch with your family members and friends with these free video call apps. So what’s the late just find out best video call app and start a chat or a video call from your mobile or PC. As such Skype is the best Video calling tool. But everything has its substitute. So, here I am presenting some of the best Skype Alternatives.

Even you can call it as best video calling software for PC, Android, and IOS mobiles. These apps are free and easily downloadable. It’s available for 100% free download. You can exchange messages, voice messages, share files, photos, desktop screen shape over through these apps. Here you will get full information about best video calling apps for android and IOS mobiles. Just have a look here.


Other Alternatives Apps

7 Best Skype Alternative Video Calling Software



Jitsi is one of the best Video calling app. It’s free for chatting and video calling. It has some unique features such as like video conferencing, voice message, instant messaging, file transferring, desktop sharing etc. It supports multi-platform such as like windows 7, windows 8, windows 10, windows vista, windows XP, MAC, OS X and Linux. Jitsi is available in more than 30 different languages. There are millions of people using it on their device. The best thing about Jitsi is it is one of  the most secure way for communication. You can Download it from here.

Key Features of Jitsi

  • It is 100% free software.
  • There is an auto answer and auto forward option.
  • Call Recording, Conference calls, Desktop Streaming
  • It does not require any account
  • It was encrypted by default
  • There are so many advanced options
  • It can support video group



IMO is most popular video calling app. Nowadays everyone using it on their mobiles. It has a very friendly interface. You will not get any problem while using this app. You can learn it very easily. It’s a completely free platform. Even it can support more than one platform. If you want to use this app on your smartphone you can simply download from google play store or Apple app store or the official website of IMO. IMO is the best video and instant message app. It has lots of features that you might not know.

Key Features of IMO

  • You can call anywhere in the world.
  • Even it allows group calls also.
  • You can share any files.
  • There is an instant message option.
  • You can send voice messages.
  • You can share screen space with your taking person.

Google Hangouts

google hangout

Google Hangouts is the best alternative to Skype. Now you can say ” hi ” to your friends, family members, or any clients with video call or chat on google hangouts for free. Google hangouts will keep you in touch with your contacts. It’s available for all types of platforms such as like android, IOS, Chrome OS, Linux, Microsoft Windows and the web. And the one, who are using google chrome web browser they do not need to install plugins. It’s a very simple and easy to use on your mobile also.

Key Features of Google Hangouts

  • You can call to anyone in the world
  • You can create your own group up to 100 members.
  • While texting you may use photos, emoji, stickers, animated GIF and google maps.
  • You can send the message any time even if they are offline.
  • You can turn any conversation into free video call
  • Even you can connect your google voice account with your phone number



Facetime is one of the best video call app. for IOS mobiles and MAC. It was developed by apple company. Face time is available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, ipad mini, iPad air, and mac. It can support more than 20 languages. If you like to use this app on your smartphone then you can simply download it from apple app store. It’s completely free. The worst thing about face time is at a time, we can conference with only single person. It has many different features such as like both audio and video calls, text message, push notifications etc.

Key Features of Face-time

  • It’s available in more than 20 different languages.
  • It does not support group conference.
  • You can receive messages and emails when you facing to someone.
  • It’s available freely.
  • You can send messages while video calling.
  • You can send voice message also.



OOvOO is most famous video call app in the list. By using OOvOO you can do best high-quality video calls, instant message, voice calls with anyone in the world. It does not matter what device you are using because it works with all such as like android smartphones, iPhone, iPod touch, iPod, Microsoft windows phone, Android tablet, MAC, and PC. You can get the highest quality group video calling. You can text to anyone while video calling to someone. It’s available completely free so anyone can download this app on their mobile.

Key Features of OOvOO

  • Free Video calls, text and voice calls.
  • It’s available for free.
  • You can use audio during a video call.
  • You can enjoy group chats also.
  • You can send text, photos, and messages also.
  • You can connect to your family members and friends with any device.

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These are best alternatives to Skype. You can select best one according to your choice. You can simply download on your mobile. It’s available freely. Just try them and have a great time with your friends and family members.


  1. You forgot to add R-HUB web conferencing servers in the above list. It is an on premise solution which allows you to host upto 3000 attendees.

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