10 Best Car Stereos System with Buying Guide and Reviews

Car stereos will turn your car into your second home. With this device in your car, you are not only able to entertain yourself but also stay informed on what is going on around you. A silent car makes the driving experience a dull and boring affair. Car stereos range in prices, but it depends on the type of stereo that is suitable for you. Here is a list of the 10 best car stereos for you to choose. They are curated on the basis of features, capacity and reliability.

Car Stereo Buyer’s Guide - Read Before You Buy

Most car owners have always regarded car radios as a nuisance because of the monotony that is always experienced from boring radio stations. This makes most car owners avoid installing radios and stereos in their cars because most feel that they do not offer the entertainment that the passengers wish for. However, the modern car stereos are different in that they are multimedia entertainment gadgets that will give you a wide selection of entertainment features. They are not only restricted to belting out AM/FM radio music and news but also have additional entertainment features which can keep you on the edge of your car seat.

With car stereos, you can enjoy your favorite news, music, and audios from many sources including your MP3 player, your smartphone, your DVD, CD and even storage devices like USB sticks and SD cards. That is not all because these stereos also provide you with the best modern features in the industry. These features help you to easily operate and customize our entertainment to your desires. You can choose to stream music from your smartphone through Bluetooth features or apply the hands-free mode when dialing or calling; you can also play your own CDs or DVDs without any hassles. The choice offered by these gadgets is simply amazing.

Things to look While Buying a Car Stereo

There are a few things that one should look for when in the market for car stereos. These are the things that will make the choice of such gadgets a worthwhile endeavor. Here are some of the things to look for in a car stereo.


When looking for a car stereo, it is good to consider the price of such a gadget. Car stereos come in different designs, capabilities and prices. It is therefore important to know the best stereo for the right price. There are many car stereos which have many features but are still affordable. In case you can just need a car stereo for your entertainment, it is best to go for one with the lowest price but also with the features that you need.

Or If you already have a car stereo installed and you need to upgrade it with modern features, then you can also try these FM transmitter devices and Fm transmitter apps.


Is the car stereo that you are buying suitable to your needs? Most people will buy car stereos based on the price but forget what their needs are. In case you prefer to use your smartphone to listen to your favorite music, it is important for you to consider buying a gadget that has streaming features on Bluetooth. There are also people who only need a car stereo to listen to the radio. This calls for looking for the cheapest stereo which offers a wide range of stations as opposed to the flashy, modern and expensive gadgets.

Input Compatibility

Other most important features that one should look in Car stereo is input ports, like USB, SD Card, AUX, Bluetooth Connectivity, CD/DVD (although its getting outdated, but many people still prefer).


New modern stereo can be control via bluetooth from your phone, or some company has also developed their mobile apps, so as to give you more control options. Also it should also support third party music streaming apps like Pandora, Spotify etc. Then other option is wireless remote control.


Most of the modern Stereo has large touchscreen display and everyone prefer to have that. You can see music video over your screen, also you have all your control option on your screen, add you can control them via touch screen. Some stereo also have rear view camera option, so you don't need dual screen.


There is also the case for durability. In case you operate in an environment where your car stereo can be exposed to the elements (casual splashes of water or coffee are the main culprits), it is important to look for a car stereo that is durable and one that can withstand tough weather conditions. There are a number of car devices that fit this bill, and it is important to consider this aspect more than any other. Durable car stereos will give you value for your money even though some of them might be on the expensive side.

Best Car Stereo System Reviews

BOSS AUDIO BV9979B - The Best Overall Stereo
  • 85 Watts x 4 Max Power
  • Inputs: USB, SD, Aux, AV, Rear Camera, Steering Wheel Control
  • Outputs: Video, Front, Rear & Sub Pre Amp
  • Bass/Treble/Fader/ Controls and Preset Built-in EQ
  • RDS, Switchable US and European Tuner
  • Plays DVD/CD/MP3/WMA/USB/SD and Smartphones
  • Detachable Panel, Wireless Remote, Multi-Color Illumination
  • Bluetooth Hands-free & Bluetooth Audio Streaming

This is a car stereo that makes it easy to play a wide range of music due to its compatibility. It is able to play CDs, DVDs, USB and SD cards without any problems at all. It is able to read and play both MP3 and WMA audio files and also features an auxiliary port where you can plug in your MP3 player or smartphone. This particular stereo also contains Bluetooth features that allow for hands-free calling, dialing and even audio streaming. This makes it possible for you to play music from your mobile smartphone or through applications like Spotify Wirelessly and Pandora.

It has a four speaker channel that produces about 85 watts of power which also features an RDS tuner with an inbuilt EQ to balance or adjust your radio. It also has a 7 Inch touch screen that is motorized to make its use easy. This stereo is also useful in driving since it also features a rearview camera and steering wheel control features. Although this car stereo is of high quality, it nevertheless has an affordable price. However, some people have found out that its antenna system is not always the best, especially for perfect reception. It is also difficult to get customer support about this product. The stereo comes with a 3-year warranty with a wireless remote.

  • This is a car stereo that offers the best features in the industry including sound quality, music streaming, and a wide range of radio channels.
  • It is easy to operate due to its high level of compatibility with other devices.
  • It is easy to install without the need of a professional technician.
  • It can be used with other external devices.
  • It is expensive and beyond the reach of most of the customers.
  • The customer support team is difficult to locate in case of installation problems.
  • Although it offers a variety of radio channels, it antenna reception is sometimes unreliable.
Kidcia Car Stereo - Remote controlled device
  • 4 x 1 inch LCD display with remote control
  • Built in tf card slot and USB port, available for smartphone charging
  • Built in Bluetooth for hands-free calls and music play
  • FM tuner: 87.50 MHz – 108 MHz, automatic memory function for 18 radio stations

This is an In-Dash Car Stereo that also features a remote control that makes it easier to operate. It is a digital media receiver that is modern and contains many features that make it an appropriate device to use in your car. These features include Bluetooth in Dash, MP3 Player, Audio Receiver, USB/SD and an FM Radio by Kidicia.

Despite being a modern digital receiver, this device does not cost much. It’s affordable and goes below £20. It also features a large LCD Display which allows for clear vision and accurate control. The stereo also offers you a wide variety of FM stations to listen to. It has a memory capacity of about 18 FM stations. This is not all because you can easily use the USB and SD port to listen to your favorite music.

  • It is cheap to buy.
  • It is easier to operate.
  • Its large LCD display allows for clearer visibility and readability.
  • It has a wide selection of radio channels.
  • Its sound quality is not the best.
  • It does not support DVDs and CDs.
BOSS AUDIO 612UA: The Best Budget Stereo
  • 50 Watts x 4 Max Power
  • Inputs: USB, SD, Aux
  • Outputs: Front and Rear Pre Amp
  • Bass/Treble/Balance/Fader Controls and Preset Built-in EQ
  • Switchable US and European Tuner
  • Mech-Less – No CD or DVD Player
  • Plays MP3/WMA/USB/SD and Smartphones

This is the most affordable car stereo you can find on the market. It is a modern gadget that has almost all the features you can expect from such prominent brand. It has a four speaker channel that produces 50 watts including an inbuilt EQ for balance and adjustments, and a preamp output system. Although the device does not have the DVD and CD features, it has provided enough room for modern features like ports for SD and USB sticks including the ability to read and play WMA and MP3 file formats.

The system is not compatible with Bluetooth, but you can still be able to enjoy your favorite music from your MP3 player or smartphone using the auxiliary audio port. The stereo also features an AM/FM radio as well. This device has modern features but costs much less. However, it also has its own limitations which you ought to be aware of.

  • It is an affordable car stereo.
  • It is modern and easy to use.
  • It allows the use of external devices.
  • It is compatible with different audio format files.
  • It has an excellent sound output.
  • It does not allow the use of DVDs and CDs.
  • It is more of a music device than a radio channel tuner.
Pioneer MVH-AV290BT: The best Wattage Output
  • Back-Up Camera Ready
  • iPod/iPhone Compatibility
  • Built-in Bluetooth
  • The MVH-AV290BT with Bluetooth also includes better call quality reception using Wideband Speech Handsfree Profile 1.6. Nearly doubling the bandwidth of the frequency helps bring call quality similar to FM reception.
  • Steering Wheel Control Compatible

This gadget is not designed to play CDs but makes up for this with its excellent sound system, Bluetooth connectivity, high watt output and an attractive display. It is a Double-DIN digital media receiver with a 6.2” LCD touch screen that makes it easy to control your iPod/iPhone devices, USB storage device or any other Android device. It is easily compatible with Bluetooth 3.0 technology with a mic which allows a hands-free communication.

It uses a four channel speaker with a power output of 22 watts RMS it has a maximum power output of 50 watts in four channels at five ohms, fifty watts in two channels at 4 ohms and 70 watts on one channel at 2 ohms. This receiver has an internal amplifier which, though small, is efficient and produces a high-quality sound that is also loud with no distortions whatsoever. The sound system is controlled by five EQ bands.

  • It has a large LCD display for clarity and readability.
  • It is easy to control and operate.
  • It is easily compatible with the Bluetooth 3.0 technology.
  • It has a high-quality sound system.
  • It can easily be used with external devices.
  • It is flashy and attractive.
  • It is a bit costly.
  • It is hard to install.
BOSS AUDIO MGR350B: The Best Weather Proofing
  • Weather Proof 60 Watts x 4 Max Power, RDS Tuner, Balance/Fader/Bass/Treble and Preset built-in EQ
  • No CD or DVD Player, Plays MP3, WMA, FM/AM, Digital Media from Smart Phones
  • Compatible with Audio out from Smartphones and MP3 Players
  • USB, Aux, Input
  • Front, Rear / Sub Pre Amp Outputs
  • USB Charging
  • Bluetooth Audio Streaming. Play and control music and apps like Spotify/Pandora wirelessly

This is a car stereo system that is weatherproof and able to produce about 60 watts of audio power emanating from four channels. This device has an IPX 6 rating which means that it is the only device that is able to withstand water splashing from any side on its enclosure without damaging it. The device is made of waterproof materials that protect it with UV coatings for circuit boards, plastic surfaces, and connections. The surfaces are also resistant to corrosion.

This receiver also features an inbuilt subwoofer and equalizer that is preset and used for adjusting between treble and bass. Although this gadget lacks a DVD and CD player, it makes up for it by its USB and an auxiliary output. It also features mobile and Bluetooth streaming for your mobile devices. It has a flexible tuner that is able to switch between stations in the US and Europe. Most customers enjoy products with weather protection feature and Bluetooth connectivity. However, some feel that installing this particular device in the car can sometimes be difficult or complex in nature.

  • It is highly durable.
  • It is weatherproof.
  • It is dust resistant and anti-corrosive.
  • High-quality sound system.
  • It has a wide range of radio channels.
  • It does not use DVDs and CDs.
  • It is difficult to install and requires professional help.
Kenwood DPX502BT: The best for Android Operating System
  • Maximum Output Power : 50W x 4 (MOSFET Power IC)
  • Kenwood sound reconstruction, restores musical to compressed music
  • MP3/WMA/AAC/WAV/FLAC Files Playback with ID-3 Tag Display
  • Android Rapid Charge

This receiver is compatible with the Android Operating system and has extensive storage capabilities for your music. It produces an output of about 50 watts in four channels and delivering a high-quality sound that has a deep bass mixed with high, mid and crisp notes. It is a 3x3x3 inch gadget that has a beautiful and attractive black casing with light blue lettering. Unlike other receivers, it features a CD player, an aux input, Bluetooth connection, USB interface, and Android applications like iHeartRadio and Pandora.

It is the perfect gadget for Android owners because it features other additional benefits like a hands-free telephone, Android Rapid Charge, and Voice command that helps one to drive safely while taking calls. This receiver incorporates the Kenwood sound reconstruction that is able to give quality to the compressed music. This gadget supports a number of audio formats which include WMA, MP3. WAV, AAC, and FLAC. It also has the ability to display the IDs of songs.

  • It is an appealing and attractive gadget.
  • It is able to read and play most music file formats.
  • It is compatible with different music apps.
  • It has a high-quality sound system.
  • It is only beneficial to Android users.
Kenwood DDX24BT: The best Sound Reception
  • 6.2 inch Wide VGA Color LCD Display with LED Backlight
  • Clear Resistive Panel
  • Touch Panel Control
  • White Key Illumination
  • Background Customize
  • Multi-Language Menu & Tag (21 Languages (English, Spanish, French and others)

This is a multimedia receiver that features a fashionable 6.2-inch VGA Color LCD touchscreen display. It is fully compatible with all Android and iOS devices. It also features excellent audio technology. The gadget has a built in wireless music browsing feature including Bluetooth and a dual phone connection facility. This can enable your passenger to play music from his/her own music library using the Android Music Playback.

The device also has a video screen that is fully compatible with an accompanying camera. It has a 13 band equalizer which is considered as the best in car stereos. It has the capacity of providing a wide range of sound options for frequency and gaining the Q factor. The equalizer enables one to save EQ presets and make a choice from listed ones. The device gives one an opportunity to adjust the performance of the sound using the time alignment feature. The device powers its music using four 50 watt channels which have an impedance rating between 4 to 8 ohms.

  • It is flashy and fashionable.
  • It has a well-equalized sound system.
  • It has the best wireless connection technology.
  • It has a camera that helps during driving.
  • Is able to give a variety of sound options.
  • It is compatible with most operating systems.
  • It is sometimes hard to operate it without prior knowledge.
BOSS AUDIO BV9967B: The best Touch screen
  • 85 Watts x 4 Max Power
  • Bass/Treble/Balance/Fader Controls and Preset Built-in EQ
  • RDS, Switchable US and European Tuner
  • Plays DVD/CD/MP3/WMA/USB/SD and Smartphones
  • Inputs: USB, SD, Aux, AV, Rear Camera, Steering Wheel Control
  • Outputs: Video, Front, Rear & Sub Pre-Amp Outputs
  • Detachable Panel, Wireless Remote
  • Bluetooth Wireless Audio Streaming and Hands-free Calling

This receiver offers you the cheapest touchscreen car stereo with a wide TFT widescreen display. This gadget has a user interface that features a digital clock, a calendar, radio icons, hands-free phone calls and streaming, disc, a navigation pen and remote control. It produces 85 watts on four channels which also includes an RDS tuner and an inbuilt equalizer. This receiver is fully compatible with CDs and DVDs and also contains an SD card drive and USB stick port. In addition to that, it also has an AM/FM radio including the ability to play both the WMA and Mp3 file formats. It also has a preamp for video that is found in the front, subs, and rear. The device is able to stream music from your smartphone and allows the use of apps like Pandora and Spotify.

However, some customers have reservations about the gadget with some complaining that the manual does not give helpful information in case of problems and the setting up of connections. It is advisable to know how your car’s connection setup is before installing this stereo on your car.

  • It is the cheapest touchscreen car stereo in the market.
  • It is fully compatible with most external devices.
  • It uses DVDs, CDs, USBs and SD cards.
  • It can read most music file formats.
  • It has a very complicated manual that is not simple to use.
  • It is difficult to install and requires the help of a professional.
XO Vision XD103 Car Stereo Receiver: The best Card slot Receiver
  • Audio output 20 x 4W maximum, MP3 playback via USB port or SD card slot
  • Digital FM tuner with 18 presets, AUX-in on front panel
  • Half-size DIN depth, 4-channel audio output
  • Electronic audio controls

This car stereo receiver comes with an SD card slot including a USB port. It is an FM and MP3 device that gives you a sound output of the highest quality at 80 watts of maximum power. It enables you to play your favorite music using external storage devices due to its external ports and slots for USB and SD cards. It allows you to even play your MP3 player from the aux in port. Its FM tuner is digital and has 18 presets which gives you a wide choice of stations to listen in to.

Other features include a preamplifier Lineout and an aux in on its front panel. It also features a 4 channel audio output with electronic audio controls. This is the best digital car stereo that will give you the best in terms of external music experience and a wide range of radio stations.

  • It is known for its card slots.
  • Produces sound of the highest quality.
  • It has a wide range of channels to choose from.
  • It is compatible with most external storage devices.
  • It is expensive.
Pioneer DEH-150MP Car Audio CD MP3 Stereo Radio Player
  • MP3/WMA/WAV Playback
  • Advanced Sound Retriever for Compressed Audio Enhancement
  • 1 RCA Preout (2V)

This is a single DIN car stereo which has an MP3 playback feature which also includes remote control capabilities. It has a much larger LCD display that is multi-segmented with an LED backlight. This feature is significant because it offers a much-improved clarity and visibility. It is a flashy gadget that has attractive features that make it more appealing. It has a power output peak of 50 watts by 4 channels RMS and 14 watts at four channels. The stereo is so designed that it has theft deterrent features including a detachable face plate that has an anti-dust design. It also comes with a wireless remote control for easier operation.

Among its most outstanding features include an advanced sound retriever technology, WMA and Mp3 playback, and a front Aux input. One is able to customize the sound using a 5 band graphic equalizer which consists of a low and high pass filter settings including subwoofer control.

  • Has powerful remote control capabilities.
  • Has a clear and visible LCD display that is large.
  • It incorporates modern technology making it easier to use.
  • It is easily customizable according to the taste of the user.
  • It has security features for theft.
  • It is hard to install.


It is always keep the above factors when you are in the market for a car stereo. This will all depend on your immediate needs and the budget you have set aside for such a purchase. Since car stereos are gaining popularity due to their additional features, it is best to make the right selection so as to always get great value for your money. The most pertinent thing to get the features you want without compromising on other things or breaking the bank.

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