How to Fix “Cannot Connect to itunes store Error ” on iphone/ipad/ipod

If you are getting an error when you trying to connect to itunes store. Do not worry Here i will share with you how to fix ” cannot connect to itunes store error on your iphone. Sometimes its happen due to some reasons like IOS settings, WiFi, Internet and network connection problems. You can fix very easily in your device. Before begin this process you need to check few things like internet connectivity and make sure that you have latest version of operating system on your device. It is a very small bug, you can overcome this problem very easily. Just have a look here you will get to know about how to fix cannot connect to itunes store error on iphone/ipad/ipod.

Cannot Connect to itunes store

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Fix Cannot connect to iTunes store

Enable and Disable iTunes Parental Control


  • First you need to launch itunes on your iPhone then go to preferences.
  • Next go to parental control tab – you have to disable to iTunes store and allow access to itunes store.

2016-01-02_142005Now you can quite from itunes. Now you have to relaunch itunes and you will get message like you directly to itunes you without any problem. Just head back to parental control and enable allow access to itunes U. Now you can connect itunes store to your iphone with out any tension.

2016-01-02_1420292. Switch WiFi 3G network and restart your connection

  • Now you need to Switch to 3G network
  • Exist from App store or itunes app
  • Now you have to open app store or itunes app again on your iphone

3. The data – change workaround

  • simple go to settings – general – time and date
  • Now you can change set automatically turn on
  • you have to exit itunes and app store and restart again

4. Software Update

  • Make sure that your device is up to update or not. otherwise just go to settings- general – software update .
  • Just once check that your version of mac OS X is up to date or not
  • And also check that your itunes and safari are updated to their new version

5. Troubleshoot Problems on Windows

  • Just once check that you have latest version of itunes
  • If the itunes store shows empty and it will display the words of itunes store, Resolve conflict between software that monitors internet traffic and apple software.
  • Make sure that you do not have any network connectivity issues
  • If you need to configure windows to allow itunes to access the itunes store. After that follow the below instructions
  • It can support multiple platforms like windows XP, Windows Vista, window 7/window 8/window 10
  • First you need to navigate to the host files at C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\DRIVES\ETC.
  • Now you have to choose host file. There must be have a duplicate of the hosts file like “Copy of hosts” (Windows XP), “hosts-copy” (Windows7/8/10, windows vista)
  • Simple drag the original hosts file on your desktop
  • Now just right click the duplicate file and select open file. If you are promoted to select program and would you like to open file then double click the notepad.
  • When it opens, select edit > select all
  • Select edit> delete
  • Select file> save
  • Now you need to close the notepad.
  • Just right click the duplicate file and select rename from the pop-up menu
  • you need to enter hosts and click on enter option
  • now you have to restart you computer
  • Now try to connect to the itunes store

These are best solutions to solve cannot connect itunes store issue. Just try it out which one is working on your iPhone. Before applying any method just once checked out you have a good internet connection on your mobile. Otherwise you will get trouble. I hope this article is useful for you.


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