Fix iPod Touch Wont Turn On Error Problem

Recently i get an error on my iPad, my ipod touch wont turn on. If you are facing and struggling with this iPod touch wont turn on error problem and continuously seeing this error problem on your apple iPod then check out this below post to find out that how to fix iPod touch wont turn on error problem.

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iPod touch is one of the favorite devices for all. It can be used in many ways. But if you facing the problem with your iPod then you surely feeling sad with it.

ipod touch wont turn on

It happens when you are pressing and holding the home button on your apple iPod but your iPod touch wont turns on. So for that, we are here going to fix this error problem by our tips and tricks methods.

If your iPod touch is not responding, then also know that there is still some hope. So, here are the some top best methods & tips and tricks to easily fix this iPod touch wont turn on the problem.

How to Fix iPod Touch wont Turn On

1. By using Recovery Mode

By using Recovery Mode

  • Press & hold the Power & Home buttons.
  • Hold till when an Apple Logo appears until the iTunes logo disappears
  • Connect your iPod touch to computer via USB cable
  • Launch iTunes now
  • Select ‘Update’ when prompted by iTunes
  • Now reinstall the iPod touch O.S. software
  • Take backup first or check it wont delete your data

That’s it, now it will fix this error problem.

2. Update your Device Software

Update your Device Software

  • Connect your iPod to your computer via USB cable
  • If there is a new version of your device available then download it
  • & Upgrade it.

That’s it, it will update your apple iPod device software and fix this error problem from your iPod.

3. Reboot or Reset your Device

Reboot or Reset your Device

  • Hold Power button & Home button at the same time
  • Wait until the apple logo appears
  • That’s it, Done

It will do a reboot of your apple iPod device so that it can fix this error problem.

4. Contact Apple Support

Contact Apple SupportIf your iPod touch wont turns on after trying all of the above steps, you may need to get in touch with the apple support. This is the last option if your apple iPod is not solved by these above solutions.

Contact Apple for the support and help ..!!

These are the some top best methods to easily fix this iPod touch wont turn on problem. Hope it will help you to get rid out of this error problem from your iPod, iPhone and other apple products. If you struggling with any problem while fixing this error problem then comment down your problem below, so that we will fix it too.

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