How to Fix iPhone Error 23 [Restore Problem]

If you are receiving iPhone error 23. In most of the cases you will get this error when you try to restore or update your iPhone. I think most of the iPhone users might face this error. Here i will share with you how to fix error 23 on iphone. Basically you may get this error 23 due to some reasons like any hardware issues on your iphone, network isolation, MAC address being missed on your device, IMEI being default value or security software issues. If you do not have any idea about how to resolve this error 23 on your iphone. Just have a look here i will share with you 4 ways to fix iphone error 23. Just follow on below instructions.

error 23

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How to Fix iPhone Error 23

Here i will solve problem of error 23 on your iPhone that often occurs when you trying to update or restore your iPhone. It’s a very common error to iPhone users. If you have any hardware problem on your device they you will get this error 23. What you have to do is you need to resolve hardware problems. Do not worry here i will give few solutions for this problem.

  1. Once check Mobile Battery

Sometimes you may get this error because of mobile battery. Just once open up your iPhone and remove battery from your iPhone. Just wait few minutes and then put it back again battery on your iPhone. If you do not know how to do it your self. Just visit the nearest apple store and find out solution for this problem.

2. Security Software

Error 23 may indicate hardware issues of your smartphone. If in case you are using out dated security software or if you are using incorrectly configured security software may get this error on your device. That’s why you need to check your security software on your mobile. If it was updated or not. Otherwise completely turn off security software. It’s a best solution for this problem.

3. Update iTunes Software

Sometimes you may get this error because of iTunes software. What you have to do is simple check that you are using updated software or not. If you are not using updated then open the iPhone software and download iTunes software on your iPhone. You may get rid of this problem.

4. Keep iPhone on DFU Mode

DFU mode can help to resolve this error 23 on your iPhone. I think it’s best solution for this error. it’s a very simple and easy method. First you need to turn off your iPhone. Now  you have to open iTunes on your computer. Now you need to connect your iPhone to your computer with the help of USB cable. Next you have to press and hold home button for three seconds and continue to holding on it, Now you need to press and hold the sleep/wake button continuously for few minutes. Again you need to keep holding the home/sleep button, and now you need to release the power button. Now you can able to connect to iTunes store on  your device. Now your iPhone will be detected in the recovery mode. Now back up and restore data on your iphone.

These are best solutions for this error 23. Just try it out which one is working for you. It’s best way to resolve your problem. I hope you may get rid of this error. Still if you are having this error on your iPhone. Just comment on below we will try to help you.


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