How To Delete a Gmail Account Permanently or Temporarily

how to delete Gmail Account

Gmail has more than 1 billion monthly active users and 1 Billion plus active email id you are one of them. We all have more than one Email id on different Email providers as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail. For example, if I talk about me, my first Email id I created on the Gmail when I was in 10th standard and after that, it won’t stop. Now today I have more than 10 email id. To remember all of the passwords is not possible for anyone so the better option is Delete them if they are obsolete. So, if you also want to delete your unused Gmail Account then here is the step by step guide.

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How To Delete a Gmail Account

There is not much of work you need to do, to delete your Gmail Account. Just Fallow the given steps:

Step 1: First Sign into your account and head to the Google Account Settings.

delete gmail account

Step 2: Click on the Account preferences and scroll down and you’ll see the “Delete your account or services”. 

delete gmail account

Step 3: Now here you can see the Two options as “Delete Products” & “Delete Google Account & Data”. If you only want to delete the Your emails, Uploaded Youtube Videos, & Google+ contacts then click on the Delete Products.

delete gmail account

Here you have to enter the Password for the verification, now you can see the all the data like Mails, Videos, and others.

The Second Options as Delete Google Account & Data, not only delete Data but also your account also. If you want to take backup of the data then there is a possibility of that. In the bottom of the page, you will find two check box.

delete gmail account

This check box makes sure that you have Your account will be deleted for permanently and it will not be recovered for any case.

Luckily Google offers you one chance to recover your Gmail account just in some clicks. To do that Heat towards to the“.

delete gmail account

Here you need to Enter the Gmail id or Phone Number you use for the Sign in and it will ask you the last Password you remember Enter that and your account will be recovered but data not.

It wasn’t that hard or long process to delete Gmail Account I think. So go ahead and delete your old Gmail accounts but please make sure that there is no important emails or files you have because once it is deleted you will not able to recovered any of them.


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