Fix Obtaining IP Address Android WiFi Problem (Best Simple Trick)

How to Fix Obtaining IP Address Android WiFi Problem ? If you are experiencing failed to Obtaining IP Address WiFi problem on your android phone then check out this full post to get the trick to solve and fix this android WiFi problem.

A lot of users are struggling with this obtaining IP address problem in their android phone device while connecting to the WiFi. You have also surely tried to fix it by downloading few fake apps that claim to Fix this Error. They are all the such fake apps. You can fix this problem yourself by just few these simple steps.

Obtaining IP Address


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WiFi is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of internet connection all over the world. It becomes the most indispensable part of our daily life.

This problem is basically due to the WiFi router that couldn’t assign an IP address for your android phone (If the issue is only on your WiFi, then I must say its a router issue). This problem prevents the users from connecting to WiFi network.

This problem can result for unable to connect to WiFi on your android device.

These Simple Steps would Fix the obtaining IP address problem WiFi error & solved the android WiFi authentication problem.

Fix Obtaining IP Address Android WiFi Problem

Here are the best easy solution to Fix the Obtaining IP Address Android WiFi Problem. So for that use this simple solution,

By using the Static IP Method

Majorly we can fix the Android obtaining Ip address problem by this static IP method.

  • Go to the ‘Settings’ in your Android phone
  • Tap on ‘WiFi’ option
  • Now tap on the ‘WiFi’ which you want to connect.
  • Long press on it or tap on ‘Arrow’ button there
  • Now, go to Advanced Options then ‘IP Settings’ there
  • Now select ‘WiFi Static IP’ option there
  • And now edit it with below details

android static ip

Add these Statics :-

IP Address >

Gateway >

D.N.S. 1 >

D.N.S. 2 >

Now save it, it will fix your problem surely and get rid out of this obtaining IP Address problem in Android device. If still you face problem, try changing ip address.

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This is the easy trick for android obtaining IP address solution problem. If then also you have a problem, comment down the problem here which you are facing.

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