How to Download Instagram Photos and Videos using 4K Stogram

Instagram is a Social Networking Platform and an app also that allows to user to share their Photos and videos with others. You can also set it Private and public for privacy reasons. Instagram is also linked with the most popular and addictive social Network platform including Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, and Tumblr. So, you don’t have to post there again if you have done on the Instagram. The Instagram is very much addictive and the reason behind this Easy to use, editing feature before anything you upload. Instagram have the option to upload but when it comes to download there is no option of that. If you have tried to download Instagram photos or videos, then you know the reality.

It happens very often with us when we want to download something from the Instagram but we can’t because there is no option of that. But here is the 4K Stogram, powerful and easy to use software to Download Instagram Photos and Videos with one click.

What Is 4K Stogram and How To Use it to Bulk Download Instagram Photos?

4K Stogram is an Instagram Downloader compatible with Windows, Mac and, Linux. The program allows you to download and backup Instagram photos and videos. To use the software you don’t have to be any tech geek. 4K Stogram is quite handy and easy to use software with minimalistic design and sorting options. The software has the search bar to enter the Instagram username, photo link, or Tag to search. You’ll also get the option to subscribe that particular Instagram content. The software will automatically create a download folder for the Images and videos. All of your Instagram stories will be saved there.

4K Stogram

The best part of this software is, software has the self-downloader you don’t have to download any images or videos, it will automatically download them and save into the folder. To get a look at the folder, select any image and right click on that, select the option “Show in Folder”. Now you can see all of your images and videos at one place. There are no changes in resolution and quality of photos and videos. It will remain same as the original one.

4K Stogram

You can also link your account and get all updates on this software. To do that, go to the “Edit” option and select the “Subscribe to My Account”. As you select that it open new windows and here you have to enter the login Credentials of you Instagram Account.  Now all of your Instagram Stories will be available on this software and great new is it will save into your system. The best of all it’s FREE Instagram Downloader. You don’t have to pay a single pie for anything to download from Instagram. Enjoy your images anywhere, anytime.

4k instagram downloader

The photo saved into the JPEG format and the videos in MP4 format; hence you don’t need any kind of special software or app. The Instagram downloader 4k Stogram is well suited with the operating systems 10, Windows 7 and upper version of them and Ubuntu, Linux.

The Instagram downloader 4K Stogram take a little space around 20-30MB of your system and that’s not a big issue. In fact, your Instagram Files have taken more space. The size of the software is not the issue is you cannot sort the images or videos in anyways. I think this is a big issue but it can be ignored and looking at the features of this software it is a pretty good Instagram downloader that does what it says quite efficiently.

Over to You

4K Stogram is a very useful and awesome tool but it can be improved but for now, it is good. This is one of its own kinds of Instagram Downloader. There are some changes which have to add like More Social Sharing, Sorting the Post etc. Overall the 4K Stogram is a great tool with minimalistic design, I think you should give it a try.


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