How to Get a Free US Phone Number for Verifications

In this article, we are going to discuss, how you can get a free US phone number for verification and other purposes. By following these methods you can get a free US Phone number to exchange SMS and voice calls. 

It is very easy to get a temporary virtual phone number. You can open WhatsApp, Facebook, or other social media accounts. It only takes under 10 minutes to get a number. Another advantage of getting a virtual number is that your privacy is secured. There isn’t a risk of hacking or any other cyber threats. 

Get free USA Number

Methods to get the Free USA Phone number for Verifications:

Method 1:

Text Plus app:

Download Textplus App

Step 1: First of all Install the Text Plus app. It is easily available for both iOS and Android users. 

Step 2: Then open it and sign in or create a new account using your email id.

Step 3: You can import your contacts if you want to. 

Step 4: Now, open the settings and scroll down to find the “get a free text plus numberoption. Now click on it and it will generate a free US Phone number

Step 5: After that, select the state and area code of the state. Then, click on the “Continue” button with which the process is complete. 

Once you’re done you use that number to make calls, exchange SMS, or complete the verification process of different sites. Another astounding feature of this app is “call back text”. Suppose you don’t have enough balance you can send a free text to your friend to call you back. 


Method 2:

GoHeyWire app:

Heywire app download

Step 1: Install GoHeyWire app from the play store or the Apple Store. 

Step 2: Open it and create an account of your own

Step 3: Click on the “get a free number” option and it will provide you with a new number.  You can get a free real US number using this app. You can text or call other people who don’t have this app. Else you can directly contact them on their mobile phones. 

Some Exciting Features:

  1. You can text to any Canadian or US number free of cost
  2. You can send audio messages
  3. You can use all the social media accounts through this app. 


Method 3:

TextNow app:

Textnow app

Step 1: Install the TextNow app on your phone. Both Android and Apple users can use it. Also, you can download it on your system or Mac

Step 2: Now, once the app is installed open it and set up an account. Then provide the area code to get a number of the code. The app will ask you to choose a free number. Now, remember to write down or save that number. 

Some Exciting Features:

  1. You can call or text anyone using that number. 
  2. You can set a voicemail for that number. 
  3. It is mostly used for verification purposes. Most of the users use the number to open a telegram or other social media accounts
  4. You can get the premium version for extra features such as free Wi-Fi and an ad-free experience
  5. The Interface of the TextNow app is clear and easy to use. 


Method 4:

Google Voice:

Google Voice

Step 1: Go to your browser and search to open Google voice. You can use this on your android, windows, or iOS device. 

Step 2: Once you open the website you have two options. Either you have to sign up using your number or you have to choose an area code to select a number. 

Step 3: After that, you have to verify that you already have an existing number

Step 4: After that, you’ll receive a code on your number. Now enter that code to complete the process

Step 5: Once your number is verified you can use your free US number. As you can see it is a web-based service provided by Google. The only drawback is that it’s not available in every part of the world

Some Exciting Features:

  1. You can use this number for business purposes
  2. You can verify different social media accounts using this number. 
  3. You can make calls and texts and set a voice mail


Method 5:


SMSRecieve download

Step 1: Open your browser and search for and open the website. 

Step 2: Now enter your valid email id to proceed. After entering your email click on the “sign up” button. 

Step 3: After that, you’ll get a thank you message on your screen. A link will be sent to your email using which you can get your US number

Step 4: Open your mail and open the link. It will open a website and ask you to choose either the US or a Canadian number

Step 5: Now you have to select your number

It is also a web-based app. It provides a temporary US number. You can use it to sign up and verify social media accounts. You can use that disposable number for 24 hours after that it will become invalid. 


Method 6:

Step 1: Open your browser and search and open the website. 

Step 2: Once you open the website it will ask you to choose your country, which country number you want, area code, and number. Once select all three clicks on the “free” button to start the process. 

Step 3: Now click on the virtual number option to get started. 

It is a web-based application. Its drawback is that if you want to make a call or use the internet on that number you have to get the premium version. But if you only want to use the number for the verification process then you can use it free of cost. If you get the premium version you can get exciting features such as Call Management, Call Routing and Extensions, and Automated Attendant. 



We hope our article was helpful enough for you to get a free US Phone Number. You can use that number for various purposes. It also ensures your privacy on social media accounts as no one knows your number. You can also avoid spam calls and messages. Best of luck choosing your number. 

For any help related to US mobile number and how to verify your accounts, please contact our team from comments in the bottom of this article.


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