Top 5 Whatsapp Alternative Messenger Apps

Whatsapp Alternative Messenger Apps

Everyone interest to share their thoughts and feelings to someone like lovable one. Would like to chat with your friends then just take a look here i will tell you some top 5 best messenger apps like Whatsapp.  These are the best app’s help you to connect with world. If you like to use these app’s, what you have to do is simple download them from Google play store. You can install freely. By using these app’s you can get so many features like message, video calling, voice message, image sharing, video sharing, free calls, and free text.  Even you can use these apps very easily.  By using these app’s you can chat with anyone in the world. Just try these Whatsapp alternative apps.

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Other Alternatives Apps

Top 5 Whatsapp Alternative Messenger App

You can use these app’s in a very simple manner, if you like to know more about these app’s just follow the post. Here I will give you full information about Top 5 Best Messenger apps like Viber, Kik, Telegram, Wechat, BBM, Line, etc. These are best Whatsapp Alternative available in Google play store. If you want to use these apps then just install on your mobile.

Viber Messenger

Viber is one of the best messenger app. By using viber app you can connect anyone in the world. There are so many people using Viber. Even its available for all type of operators like IOS, Windows phone, Android, Blackberry, Bada and symbian. You can download it from goggle play store. You do not need to pay any money you can simple install on your mobile. Even you can call non Viber users also.

Main Features of Viber

  • Viber users can message worldwide.
  • You can share videos and images to your friends
  • You may create group up to 200 friends.
  • Free video calls
  • Free calls
  • Free text messages
  • There are lots of games are also available on Viber

Kik Messenger

Kik Messenger is one of the best instant message app. It’s available on IOS, android and windows phones. This app is introduced after blackberry messenger. By using this app you can send message to someone at the same time you can receive message from others, photos sharing, video updating, sketches, mobile webpage etc. The best thing about Kik messenger is you do not need phone number, just simply use username. It has designed in very secure manner.

Main Features of KiK Messenger

  • No need of phone number, you can use simple usernames
  • You can create groups
  • This is the best way to connect friends in a fast manner
  • You can share you image with your friends
  • You can come to know daily updates and latest news
  • Best way to connect world in a simple manner 

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Telegram Messenger

Telegram messenger is also one of the best instant message app. The best thing about telegram is speed and privacy. Even it’s support the multiple platforms. Telegram messenger may support both mobiles and desktop systems.  Users can share their photos, videos, message exchange, files and sticker type up to 1.5 GB size. It work has like more reliable and efficiency manner. You never lose your data because it has designed in more secure way.

Main Features of Telegram

  • Telegram is designed in more secure manner
  • It is based on cloud storage process
  • You do not need to worry about data because you never lose you data
  • You may create group chats very easily
  • If you want to share anything you may share to your friends
  • Its work as like more reliable manner
  • It’s available freely there is no ads process

WeChat Messenger

WeChat is best mobile text and voice calling app for smartphones. Even it is a instant message app. This software is available for iphone, blackberry, Symbian, Android and Windows phones.  If you want to use this app you can download from google play store. There are so many special features in this app like message exchanging, voice message, video conference, free calling, photos sharing, videos, location sharing and moments sharing also. Would like to share anything to your friends you can transfer via Bluetooth. There is a special account and it called as like public account. When you sign in with public account you will come to know about latest updates, news, media, press, celebrities news each and everything.

Main Features of WeChat Messanger

  • It’s allow you to use free voice call and free video
  • you  can chat with anyone in the world freely
  • Even you can use it on your laptop.
  • You can share your photos and videos instantly
  • There is a opportunity to play video games
  • It’s support up to 20 languages

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 Line Messenger

Line is a free calls and free messenger app that allows you to connect with your family members and friends cross the world. It’s available on personal computers, tablet computers, smartphones, iOS, Blackberry, Nokia asha, firefox and Windows phones. By using this app you can exchange your messages, videos, photos, audio, free voice message, free video calling, video conference etc.  It has so many special features which makes you more comfort.

Main Features of Line Messenger

  • Free group chats
  • Free calls and free voice messages and free video calls
  • You can message instantly anywhere in the world
  • You may connect with new apps
  • You can share your photos, videos, and audios to your friends
  • Even you can make international calls

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These are the best Whatsapp alternative app’s. Now you can choose best Messenger app from the list. If you want to download any of these app’s it’s available on google play store. You can simple download on your smartphone. Enjoy your own space with lovable one.

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