Madnafen | Playstation Emulator | Set Up Guide and Tutorial

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The world of gaming is huge. With the advancement of technology, there are new innovations taking place in this field. PlayStation is one of the most popular gaming consoles that still has its own place in the heart of gamers.

Till date, there have been 4 versions of Playstation released but after around two decades PS1 is still popular among the gaming community. So, search for a perfect PlayStation Emulator is something that could never end.

PS was first released in 1994. It was a highly popular home gaming console. It offered great gaming graphics and gaming experience. Also, the availability of a large number of games was a primary factor behind its success. It was discontinued in 2006 by the company.

Madnafen | Playstation Emulator | Set Up Guide and Tutorial | PlayStation Games on Windows

As original version is now hard to find, people who like to get the classic gameplay experience have to use PlayStation Emulator. It let the user run the games of PS1 on various platforms like Windows, Android, Mac and Linux.

Mednafen PlayStation Emulator

best ps emulator

Platform: Windows

Mednafen is the most popular PS emulator that is available for free. It can not only emulate the PS1 but can also be used to emulate many other platforms like GameBoy, SNES, Sega Game Gear, SuperGrafx etc. It provides a comprehensive solution to play various games of PlayStation one. The system requirements are also on the lower end. That means it could be run on old systems also.

The accuracy and compatibility are high so that the gameplay experience is great. For Windows system, Windows 8 or higher version is required in order to run this. You also need to have a working PS1 BIOS file.

Here we describe you the working method to run the PlayStation games on PC. For this, you need an emulator, PlayStation Bios and the Game ROM file. That might seem a bit complicated, but trust me it is not. Follow the steps as described below.

1. Download Mednafen

best ps emulator

First, download the Mednafen from the link given below and extract it in any folder on your system.


Now you need to download the PS1 BIOS. Click on the link below and it will take you to the PlayStation 1 Developement network page. You will find various BIOS there, Download the one with title “SCPH-5501 [NTSC-U/C“. After downloading place it in the same folder where you extracted Mednafen emulator.

(Note- Rename the file as SCPH5501 before placing it in the folder)

3. Set Up Configuration

In the Mednafen folder where you extracted the files, look for the file name mednafen.cfg. Open it with Notepad or WordPad. Here you will see something like this:

;Cache entire CD images in memory.
cd.image_memcache 0

Here all you have to do is replace the 0 with 1. Then it should look something like this

;Cache entire CD images in memory.
cd.image_memcache 1

Save the file.

4. Download the PS1 Game ROM

ps1 emulator
Tekken 3 on Mednafen

Your set up is complete and now you need the PS1 ROM to play the game. Use the link below to download the game of your choice. Here we are giving the link to ROM that we have tested. You can use any other ROM also.

After you download the ROM, extract it to a folder.

best ps emulator

Now drag and drop the game title.cue file on the mednafen.exe and confirm open.

5. Setting up controls

best ps emulator

After the game has started you can connect the controller. To set up the controller, press Alt+Shift+1 and press the buttons on the controller as shown on the screen.

Connect the controller to the PC, you will see the connected Gamepad on the lower part of the screen. You will the message that the configuration has been completed on the screen. After that use the controller to navigate through the menu and start the game.

Final Words

The method above for playing PlayStation Games on PC is legit and works quite smoothly. Once you complete the emulator setup, you can use different game ROMs to play different games. If you stuck on any steps as described above, ask us by commenting here.


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