Best Payday 2 Builds | Weapons & Death Sentence Build

payday 2 builds

The world of video games is huge. It started with a simple computer game having a minimal system. As the technology advanced, there has been a considerable amount of growth in the sector of video games. Today the video game industry has become huge. There are many types of video games available on the market which require different types of skills. Shooting and RPG games have always been the topmost priority of the gamers.

Talking about the shooting games basically, there are two types of games in the shooting mode- first person and third person. While fps games allow more immersive gameplay experience, third-person shooter allows a better combat experience.

Payday is a series of game that is developed by overkill games. The first Payday was released in 2011 and its sequel Payday was made available in 2013. If you are a fan of Payday 2 and it’s famous multiplayer shooting tactics offers good gameplay experience, then we have brought you best Payday 2 builds that will make your gaming experience even better.

Best Payday 2 Builds – Death Sentance Build | Sniper Build

Here is the list of Payday 2 builds so that you get complete information to better every heist in the game. No matter what type of guns you like, the skills you acquire in the game is the crucial part. Machine guns are for gamers who love the loud gameplay, stealthy on the other hand allows the player to do an unnoticed heist.

Death Sentence + One Down Build

This build uses various weapons like AMCAR rifle and Chimano 88. You have to use these basic weapons to survive the death sentence difficulty level. It does not require to unlock skills of level 4. There is no need to use the ultimate edition for this Payday 2 build.

Requirement- Level 100


  • AMCAR rifle
  • Chimano 88

Death Sentence Build | “Allrounder” Build

Death Sentence Build

For Payday 2 players who have acquired a lot of skills and want a challenging game, here is the perfect build for you. You can use this single build for every heist on the difficulty level of Death Sentence. It can perform well both for short and long distances. There are a lot of survivability skills to combat the enemies.


  • Desertfox Sniper Rifle
  • Mark 10 Submachine Gun
  • Melee Weapon

The Crook [Loud]

payday 2 builds

This is a general purpose build which works with any weapon. It is a mix of protection and evasion making it an Armour-Rogue hybrid. You can use the light vest with this allowing you to move fast. The biggest advantage is that you can dodge with a sniper rifle. Unlike other classic dodge builds, you have more armor and other features.


  • SPAS-12 (Predator 12G shotgun)
  • HK USP Match (Interceptor 45 pistol)

One Down Assault Rifle Builds

payday 2 builds

If you are in search of a Payday 2 build that you can use in almost every heist then you can easily use this build. You can use big guns to combat the enemies. This build makes the game more fun and interesting. Whether you are a new player or old, this build will enhance your gameplay experience.


  • JP36 For Dodge Build
  • AMR-16 For Armor Build
  • Kobus 90
  • Mark-10

The Runner: High DPS, Speed, and Dodge

payday 2 builds

This is another great Payday 2 build. It uses glass cannon and high dodge concept. Here you roam in the battlefield to kills enemies. Also, you have to help the teammates. You can not stay at one stop for more than 10 seconds. The constantly moving and fast gameplay makes it more interesting.


  • Sprinter ACED
  • Transporter ACED
  • Die Hard
  • Endurance ACED
  • Cable Guy
  • Equilibrium ACED

The Leader Build

payday 2 builds

This build is aimed to provide a better survival chance for you and your teammates. It is one of the best builds available out there to make the gameplay even more interesting. In addition to that this build also focuses on some basic game mechanics. The hostage taking is is easier now with this build.


  • Combat Medic
  • Combat Doctor ACE
  • Forced Friendship ACE
  • Hostage Taker ACE
  • Shock and Awe ACE
  • Duck and Cover

One Down Sniper Rifle Dodge Payday 2 Build

payday 2 builds

If you are a fan of sniper rifle then this build is the best for you. It primarily focuses on killing enemies in a safe distance with high accuracy. You get bolt-action sniper rifle which is one of the best weapons in the game. As this is not a DPS build the player have to be precise and take headshots.


  • Nagant
  • 5/7


  • Graze
  • Aggressive Reload
  • Bullseye
  • High Value Target

Above are the best Payday 2 Builds you can use to make your gameplay experience more immersive. You can also add extra features to the game and earn new skills using these builds. The list is not exhaustive and there are a lot of builds available online.
Payday 2 which is a heist based game allows the player to do robbery and fight against cops. The shooting tactic in the game is impressive and offers a lot of feedback.


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