Top Best Free MP3 Downloading Sites (Latest Music Songs) 2017

Buying music CDs is almost outdated now, with the advantage of the internet, we can get our favorite tracks at any time. You can even buy your favorite music from iTunes and digital music stores like Amazon but not everyone wants to pay for this because there are tons of free MP3 downloading sites already existing.

Best Free MP3 Downloading Sites

Yeah! Lots of free mp3 downloading sites out there, if you Google it, you will see overwhelming lists which are free to download but if you go through those sites most of these contains annoying ads, redirecting you to unwanted sites, broken links, bad mp3 quality and much more. So it’s not easy to find best free mp3 downloading sites in a moment.

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Top Best Free Mp3 Downloading Sites 2017

With a lot of sites to choose from, there are a lot of sites that would offer you with the best songs available out there in the market. And you will be shocked watching a number of songs that they offer when you search for any new song that came out as a trailer in the market or as a short preview of the song.

But as soon as you enter the site it would hurt you a lot watching the song would be available for a premium user or the audio version that is available for download is only the converted version of the trailer song.

Free Mp3 Downloading Sites

This can be waste of time and even your precious data which can make create a bad impression on the minds of people whoever has visited the site. And having to face such sites can be a real headache. As you want to download the specific song that has been out as a trailer or as a part of the movie trailer can make you download the song which you can’t due to the fact that you have to face such music downloading sites where you won’t be able to download your desired song.

Here I am after spending a good amount time on these free mp3 downloading sites come up with a worthy list of top best free mp3 downloading sites of 2017.

1.MP3 Raid (Free Mp3 Downloader)


Yeah! MP3Raid is the winner in my list, the site was down for the last 5-6 days but no doubt here you will get much better experience to download your best songs for free, The host links of this sites are licensed. So, never bother to download from MP3raid. They provide you to download almost all genres’ music and you also get trending and top 100 music list to download.

Not to mention the amount of the latest hits and the amount of playlist that is available for you to download on MP3Raid. You can choose to download all the latest hits and the latest Bollywood songs that you can think of.

2.MP3Fusion (Best free mp3 downloading site)

MP3Fusion mp3 downloaderMy favorite and one of the best free mp3 downloading site out there. You can even listen to your track online and download mp3 for free. They also have almost all genres’ music and allows you to filter with “Top 100 Download”, “last 200 search”. And the most useful feature like “search bar” to find your favorite songs easily.

This site includes both the best genre of songs lists along with downloading option right by your side which you can access easily. Making this website a hit for free mp3 downloading sites.


Mp3Juice downloader

It is one of the best sites that you must have heard from your friend to download the music files, mp3 or play music online. Though the original site has stopped working due to privacy issues, you will find the site from other extensions or name when you search. Well, the site does very simple thing it provides you mp3 version of a youtube video. Like you search for some song, then it will look for related video and ask you to select one, then it will convert that Youtube video into Mp3. That you can download or play online.


songpk downloader

Here check it out another most popular free mp3 downloading site, it’s actually a Pakistani owned website. If you looking for Pakistani, Indian (majorly Bollywood, Kollywood, Tollywood), Hollywood and many more songs then this site is definitely for you. Especially it’s a perfect site for Hindi or Bollywood songs. Some worthy categories are here inserted like Bollywood, Pop Song, Remix songs, Ghazals, Bhangra, Artists, Weddings etc.

Apart from this, even after free downloading site there not so much annoying and pop-up ads to ruin your downloading experience. And undoubtedly SongsPK being one of the best downloading sites for Bollywood Panjabi Pakistani and much more songs which are available widely on this site.

5. PagalWorld

pagal world

Hey Bollywood music lovers, this is another best mp3 downloading site. This site is mainly based on Bollywood music and other Hindi or Punjabi songs, allows you to download for free.

And is yet another downloading site for Bollywood songs and much more. They also provide with lyrics and albums to download from.


Mp3 box

MP3Box placed in my best free mp3 downloading sites 2016. Its a kind of blog like experience on this site which let you mp3 download for free. You will definitely love its interface and all those well-structured filters.
And this is why MP3Box still holds its position on the top 5 list of the Top Best Free MP3 Downloading Sites 2017. Here you can choose to download any song you want which can even be the latest release.



On this site, you will never miss out to find your favorite track because this site owns one of the biggest music directories among all free mp3 downloading sites. It’s a community that you can get connected to people with the same taste of music and interest.

This helps the site to bring in more and more traffic for the availability of different genre songs that people enjoy listening to.

8. MP3Skull

mp3 skull

If I am not wrong you may be familiar with this site. Once upon a time, it was my best site for free mp3 download. Still, it’s ruling and popular as one of the best free mp3 downloading sites. In the homepage, you get top 100 music list. And useful search tool to help you out to find your favorite songs in a moment.


And is my favourite site for downloading the songs always wanted MP3Skull has always created a place for every song lovers who love to listen to high-quality songs and even that too for latest releases.

So this is the sites from my top best free downloading sites you must try out. Hope these sites will help you to find out your favorite mp3 and will help you to discover more nice songs for free. If tried and like any other free downloading sites feel free to share your site.

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