Top 7 Best Bitcoin Wallet in India (Crypto Storage)

With every day increasing worth of a Bitcoin is gaining all the limelight of the cryptocurrencies. Although with this increase, concerns over its security and privacy are growing too. Recently, a new came up with more than $70 million bitcoin got stolen in a hack, but this could not decrease its value. So its very necessary to keep your precious Bitcoin safe and secure using a Bitcoin Wallet. There are so many Bitcoin wallet options available for storing Bitcoin and thus gets hard to find one.

Best Bitcoin wallet in India

However, for you, we have organized a list of best Bitcoin Wallets regarding security and its features. All the mentioned wallets are very easy to use and provide high-level security to keep your Bitcoin safe. Using a wallet is also necessary as you can not receive, spend or store a Bitcoin without a wallet.

What is a Bitcoin Wallet?

A wallet is similar to your interface to store Bitcoin(s) or use in a transaction connected to the Bitcoin Network. It is no different to your bank wallets linked to your personalized bank to do transactions related to it. For security, Bitcoin wallets are encrypted with private exchange keys and secret codes which allows you to spend your Bitcoin.

Best Bitcoin wallet in India

In reality, Bitcoin is not what is stored in the wallet. Instead, the private keys are stored in it to access your bitcoins. A Bitcoin wallet can be an App, Software, Website or even a Device to manage the Bitcoin Private Keys for you.

Below are the 10 Best Bitcoin wallets which you can download from the link given below, or you can also download from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

7 Best Bitcoin Wallets for India 2018

1. Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet

Zebpay Wallet is one the leading Bitcoins Wallet in India and also got featured in much popular business daily. Zebpay is very simple to use and buy or sell Bitcoins. Also, sending or receiving money is as simple as messaging. Moreover, you need not worry about the Bitcoin Addresses or Wallet Backups; you can simply send Bitcoins using your mobile contacts using the Zebpay Bitcoin Wallet.

Now talking about how secure it is, Zebpay uses a 4-digit PIN to lock your wallet and the outgoing transactions. Zebpay also allows buying Bitcoin for as low as Rs 1000 with the price alert to show right on your home screen with its Rate Widget. So convenient. Right? However, that is not all this wallet offers but some extra features mentioned below.


  • Accessibility: Access your wallet from all significant platforms whether you own an Android or iOS or a PC to transact and use your Bitcoin.
  • Express Transfer: This helps you get the faster credit of funds in your Rs account after you make a payment on Zebpay.
  • Bitcoin Price Alert: You can opt for getting notified whenever price of a Bitcoin changes.
  • Account Statement: You can check all transactions made through Zebpay with all the required details.
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2. Unocoin Bitcoin Wallet

Unocoin is also a commonly known Bitcoin Wallet getting used in India with over a Lakh Customers is great option to save your Bitcoin(s). Using it is very easy to use and buy or sell Bitcoin. Unocoin allows its users to exchange Bitcoin for Indian Rupees and charges 1% fee for buying or selling a bitcoin. However, with Unocoin you can do cross-platform trading using “Universal Token.”

The only drawback it holds is the huge difference between buying and selling rate of Bitcoin in comparison with other wallets and even after such a huge difference they still charge 1% of transaction fees plus taxes and lot more hidden charges.


  • INR wallet
  • Send/Request Bitcoin
  • Transaction History
  • Mobile/DTH Recharges
  • AutoSell Bitcoin Feature
Unocoin Wallet
Unocoin Wallet

3. BitIndia Bitcoin Wallet

BitIndia is a Blockchain based project back by John McAfee and deals in cryptocurrency exchange and wallet. The BitIndia has its token sale going on until December 2017. For security, it allows users to trade using the private keys on Blockchain node similar to other exchange wallets. BitIndia can be accessed even if you own an old big computer or a smartphone and is very easy to understand and use.

Best Bitcoin Wallet in India

Aim at developing the BitIndia was to use it for everyday transactions like buying groceries, paying bills or even for dining at restaurants. Like other cryptocurrency wallets, BitIndia will emphasize a low transaction fee. Merchants and traders can accept payments on BitIndia from anywhere in the country with the fixed transaction fees.


  • End-to-end Encryption
  • Encrypted Keystore Backup
  • Secured Notifications
  • Wallet Mnemonic
  • Transaction Password

4. Blockchain Bitcoin Wallet

The blockchain is the leading and one of the most preferred Bitcoin Wallet worldwide today. The Blockchain wallet is extremely easy and spontaneous to use. It also has built-in security center to guide you through the steps to secure your wallet. Now it also supports the exchange of Ethers worldwide and making it simpler to send or receive Bitcoin. Its Two-Step Security Features keeps your all funds safe so only you can access your account.

Moreover, because of its popularity, it has tie-ups with many trusted exchanges which makes buying and selling cryptocurrencies directly from your wallet. The only disadvantage it has is the progressive increase in the transaction fees, sometimes it can charge for upto 10% of the transaction amount (fees is not of a fixed amount).


  • Simplified backup and recovery with a 12-word recovery phrase
  • Paper Wallet import
  • Browse Bitcoin merchants in your area
  • Dynamic fees over transactions
  • Support of over 25 languages
  • 20+ currency conversion rates
Blockchain Wallet
Blockchain Wallet
Developer: Blockchain
Price: Free

5. Koinex Bitcoin Wallet

Koinex is a new and popular Bitcoin Wallet since it trades in INR and thus makes the conversion rate easy and understandable. Sending and receiving funds are easy in this wallet with best exchange rates compared to other wallets. Koinex also has the support of other cryptocurrencies like Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and Bitcoin Cash.

Best Bitcoin wallet in India

For securing your precious funds, Koinex uses Google’s 2-Factor Authentication and doesn’t let you trade anonymously even if you are not a high-volume trader. For now, Koinex only has the Web Portal support for its users.


  • Live Price Chart
  • Referral Program to earn free cash
  • Registration Process is straightforward
  • Superfast and low fee transactions
  • Supports multiple Cryptocurrencies

6. CoinSecure Bitcoin Wallet

Coinsecure is one of the fastest growing Bitcoin Exchange portal in India. All the procedure to start trading using coinsecure is similar to other Bitcoin exchanges, i.e., you sign up, create a wallet, add money and start trading. You can sign up on Coinsecure via their web portal of their mobile app free for download on Google Play Store. The Coinsecure charges a fixed transaction fee of 0.3% per transaction. For buying or selling Bitcoin, it allows you to do that using you Indian Rupees. It also allows setting a 4-digit PIN to lock your wallet to avoid security breach or theft.Best Bitcoin Wallet in India

The coinsecure platform is a member of NASSCOM and uses a hybrid solution to store a portion of your funds in the cold storage while a small percent of sufficient funds is available in its wallet. Coinsecure also promises its trade engine to offers fastest real-time Bitcoin exchange in India.


  • Deposits and Withdrawals can be done in Indian Rupees
  • Instantly convert INR into BTC or Bitcoins to Indian Rupees
  • Timeline to check your full transaction history with all details.
  • Place orders to buy and sell bitcoins

7. Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Mycelium is a unique mobile Bitcoin Wallet that combines convenience and innovation. Founded in 2008 by hardware engineers has a robust support team which keeps the innovations on the roll. Mycelium specializes in Hardware, Security, and Software. It is a wallet that allows you send, store or trade bitcoin using the account address. Mycelium Wallet is very easy to use and trades only in Bitcoin for now.

Best Bitcoin wallet in India

Mycelium also provides few services to make the Bitcoin trading more convenient which are Mycelium Gear, Mycelium Swish, Mycelium Card, and Mycelium Entropy with their own uniques features.


  • HD (Hierarchical Deterministic)
  • Bit ID (open protocol)
  • Single Address Accounts
  • Watch Only Accounts
  • Hardware (for offline devices)
Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet
Mycelium Bitcoin Wallet

Wrapping it Up

The above list consists of the best wallets for Bitcoin Trading in India. All the apps/software have their unique way of keeping your currency safe with them by either using secure codes or by 2-step security. Most of the wallets are compatible with multiple platforms or soon will in the future. If you go through any problem using them or you find some wallets more convenient to use, feel free to comment down the section below, and we will get back to you with a positive response.

Do share it with friends and colleagues if you find this article useful to encourage us doing the same over with the latest tech information for you. Thank You for Reading. Adios.

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