Best Minecraft Texture Packs & Resource Packs | Updated List

I can bet Minecraft does not need any introduction, and if it does welcome to the real world where every single mature gamer has experienced this game in his/ her life.

Minecraft was released in 2011 and has won various awards. This game has the most positive reviews from the critics. Minecraft became so popular that every gamer tried his hands on it.

This game is so hit that till now people are talking about it just like us. It got famous because of the unique idea behind this game in which the player can change the background of the gameplay as per his/ her need and it is completely supported by the publisher.

Best Minecraft Texture and Resource Packs You Can Use Right Now

minecraft texture packs

What is Minecraft?

The gameplay of this game was so unique and simple that it was often termed as the child game, obviously, the genre of this game is different from the ones it is compared with. This is the game where every gamer creates a new map and enjoys it. This clearly means that the game is completely customizable in context to the maps and textures. Minecraft mods allow the users to add extra functionalities to the game.

The basic gameplay is that you have to survive in this game and you can build things with the sand cubes as you want with no restrictions. graphics are so simple that all the things like flower, trees, buildings, humans, animals, etc. are made of cubes.

Best Minecraft Texture Packs

Since the game is customizable, these texture packs are the things by which we can customize the game. Minecraft seeds are also there for this. These texture packs are most of the created by pro-gamers and usually, they do not charge but exceptions are everywhere. Anyway here is the list of few great textures of this game.

1. Dokucraft

This is the most detailed texture pack among all of the texture packs. The texture shows every minute detail of the map. It basically contains the buildings from the medieval period and the dark era. This texture pack is the most followed texture pack because of its quality. Since it is a texture pack it is available for the previous versions only but to not disappoint the fans, the author has also released the resource pack. It has three versions and can be downloaded as per needs.

minecraft texture

2. LB Photo Realism Texture Pack

This pack was created to make the game more and more realistic. You would not feel the cubes anymore in the gameplay. This texture pack’s dimension is 256×256, download it accordingly. The full version of this pack is paid but if you want to enjoy only a few aspects then it can be downloaded for free. With this, you can build things in Minecraft.

LB Photo Realism

3. Modern HD Pack

It is the pack which makes the game different. This is the most amazing texture pack if you are bored with the old era texture pack of the game. This pack has beautiful sky scrappers, pools and lush green garden. In my opinion, give it a try.

4. Mine Wars- A Star Wars Texture Pack

It will turn out to be the biggest texture pack for all the Star Wars fan. It has really all those features what attracted us in the movie. To give the real effects, weapons are included in the gameplay. If by chance you are Star Wars fan, this texture pack is a must.

Mine Wars

What Is A Resource Pack

A resource pack is used to change the gameplay completely including Textures, Sounds, and graphics. It is called Resource Pack because of its nature to contain all the resources which are essential in the game. Resource Pack is the more generalized term for the texture pack, available for the newer version only.

Minecraft Resource Packs

Minecraft and Resource Packs go hand in hand and almost every Minecraft fan has played the game with the resource packs. Here are few resource packs for you to try. There are other games like Minecraft but lacks this feature.

1. Uber-X Resource Pack

This is the most light but high-resolution resource pack. Its graphics are really awesome and fortunately, it would not ruin your system. But before jumping on your seat, you must know that it is not free, you will have to lose your pocket to get the full version. One thing is for sure, this paid version is worth paying for.

2. Glimmar’s Steampunk

This is the science-fiction theme pack which is the one of the oldest Resource pack for the game and it is still supported by the game because of the constant updates. This pack is available for the 64x but it also provides for the previous versions. To increase the graphics and enjoy the game flawlessly, you can install the ‘optifine‘.

3. Eldpack

This is best resource pack for the gamer whose system is not so fast. This game has the lowest possible resolution. Eldpack comes with the 16×16 size textures, but if you are an owner of a fast computer, you would not prefer this pack.

4. Minecraft Reawakens

I hold best for the last and trust me it is if you have normal speed system. This resource pack has a resolution of x32 and it works fine. The best feature about this pack is that it has the complete transparent GUI, it means the water and glass are crystal clear. This pack has received a lot of appreciation despite so many faults. I hope the creator of it will fix it very soon.

In the end, I would like to say that if you are using the previous version of the game then, please update it as soon as possible and enjoy the new resource packs because nowadays lots of users are relying on the resource packs only. Very soon, the creators will stop making the texture packs because of the least gamers as compared to the users of the new version. Anyways enjoy these packs till we have something new for you.


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