Fix and Solve err_ssl_protocol_error Problem


There are a lot of users google chrome users complain about this error problem, so today we are going to fix and solve err_ssl_protocol_error problem from your PC & from your Google chrome browser. This error problem usually occurs when a website has not enabled the SSL certificate or has blocked port 443.


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This err_ssl_protocol_error problem is a very common problem for the Google chrome users who use the google chrome as default web browser. Its occurs when you are browsing a HTTPS website & this err_ssl_protocol_error problem shown suddenly.

This err_ssl_protocol_error problem is a normal error problem & you can simply get rid out of this SSL connection error problem by just following the below steps.

Users says that it’s related to the new SSL certificate modifications that google is doing.

How to Fix err_ssl_protocol_error Google Chrome Problem

1. Disable Chrome QUIC Protocol

Disable Chrome QUIC Protocol

  • Go to your Google Chrome Browser
  • Paste this ” chrome://flags/#enable-quic ” there
  • Click on the drop down menu & Select ‘Disabled’ there
  • Restart your Google Chrome browser again

It will fix your err_ssl_protocol_error Problem from your google chrome browser.

2. Change Privacy Levels & Internet Security

Change Privacy Levels & Internet Security

  • Go to the Start Menu & Open Control Panel
  • Go to Internet Option
  • Select the Security Tab & set ‘Medium’ level
  • Do the same with privacy Tab there

3. Clear SSL State Certificate

Clear SSL State

  • Go to the Start Menu
  • Go to Control Panel there
  • Search for Internet Option their & Open it
  • Select the Content Tab there
  • Click on the Clear ‘SSL cache’ there to clear it
  • Now, Select OK & it’s cleared

That’s it, now your SSL state cache will be cleared and your easily get rid out of this err_ssl_protocol_error Problem.

4. Delete System Host File

Delete System Host File

  • Go to the ‘My Computer’
  • Open the main ‘ Local Disk (C) ‘
  • Go to Windows folder, then go system32, then drivers & then select etc folder
  • Open it & right-click on hosts file there
  • Click on Properties & open it
  • Now go to Security Tab & Go to “Administrators”
  • & Select Edit button there
  • Now, go to “Administrators” there again
  • & Check weather all the option will be already checked

That’s all, it will solve your err_ssl_protocol_error Problem from your chrome.

5. Correct Date and Time Settings (Check Region also)

Correct Date and Time Settings (Check Region also)

  • Go to the ‘Change Date and Time Settings’
  • Select ‘Change Date and Time’ to change it
  • Or, check it that weather is it right
  • Now, go back & click on Change Time Zone there
  • Check your Time Zone there that it is right or wrong
  • If it is selected wrong, change it immediately

So that after correcting the Date and Time Settings, you problem are easily solved.

6. Ignoring Certificate Error

Ignoring Certificate Error

  • Go to the Chrome shortcut & right-click on it
  • Go to chrome shortcut tab & find target
  • Paste this ” -ignore-certificate-errors ” there
  • Now, Click on Apply button then select OK

This will ignore your certificate error to solve this err_ssl_protocol_error Problem. (But it will be a temporary solution for this problem). Try other solutions first to solve this !!

These are the some great simple tips to easily fix this err_ssl_protocol_error Problem from your computer and your google chrome browser. Hope it will help you solve this error problem.

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