5 Best Free VPN for Kodi | Secure and Private (New Addons)

best free kodi vpn

Kodi media player allows the user to stream free content from the internet. It was originally developed for Xbox console but due to its features, it was made available for all platforms. Kodi is available for Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, iOS and all other major platforms. You can add its functionalities by adding various addons which allow you to watch movies on Kodi. Also, there are some add-ons which allow you to watch live tv and youtube videos.

There is unlimited content available on Kodi, most of which is pirated content. So it is advised to use a VPN service so that your browsing remain anonymous. using a VPN encrypts your connection and also changes the IP address so that your browsing cannot be tracked.

We bring you the best free VPN services that you can use. Your ISP may block some content on Kodi, VPN allows you to bypass the restriction and you can access all videos.

Check Best Free Kodi VPN Addons – Review, Features

You can use Kodi VPN by two ways, first as a VPN for your system and second as a Kodi add-on. Installing VPN as an add-on has some advantages. It gives you access to blocked content and also gives fast video streaming.

1. PureVPN

best free kodi vpn

A large number of people use Kodi to watch free movies and other media. PureVPN provides you a feature rich free Kodi VPN. You can install it on Kodi as an addon. It will take care that no snooping is done on your Kodi Network. With that, the security benefits also enhance your media experience.

Pure VPN is easy to install on any platform. You can enjoy a high-speed video streaming with it so even if you are watching content in 4K there is no need to worry about any lag whatsoever. The strong encryption and tunneling are used to ensure that the user remains completely anonymous while using the internet. You can check the official guide to install VPN addon on Kodi.

Key Features:

  • Kodi VPN Addon support
  • Defeat ISP throttling
  • Dedicated streaming servers

2. ExpressVPN

best free kodi vpn

When it comes to VPN service for Kodi ExpressVPN is highly recommended. It uses a highly secure protocol to ensure full safety. It uses ultrafast VPN servers which have been set up in different countries so that you can choose the one as per your need. It can also be used while streaming videos from other services like Netflix and Hulu.

You can set up this without the need for any technical knowledge. It is available on all platforms. With this VPN service, you can stream and download anything without any restrictions. It does not keep any activity logs.

Key Features:

  • Kodi add-on
  • 256-bit encryption
  • Multi-platform support

3. NordVPN

best free kodi vpn

Use NordVPN for Kodi to encrypt all your browsing activity. It bypasses your connection from all type of restriction and snooping by your ISP or government agencies. Your internet speed is not compromised while using NordVPN. We all use Kodi for watching movies in high quality so slow internet speed may result in frequent buffering which is some that we do not want.

This Kodi VPN provides a superfast downloading speed. It changes your IP address so that you cannot be tracked. Also, it works on no logs policy which means whatever you watch remains completely anonymous. It is optimized for peer to peer sharing so downloading stuff from torrent or any other service is not an issue.

Key Features:

  • Double VPN encryption
  • No Logs policy
  • DNS leak prevention

4. PrivateVPN

best free kodi vpn

Privatevpn is relatively new Kodi VPN but is growing rapidly due to its best in class features. It offers top class security for secure browsing and streaming any type of content from the internet. Now bypass any type of online restriction on content with this service. It uses military-grade encryption so that you get top end security and the online anonymity is ensured.

You can start this with one click on any type of platform. Kodi is used on different types of systems so it is available for Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, Linux and Routers.

Key Features:

  • IPv6 Protection
  • Good streaming speed

5. Ipvanish

best free kodi vpn

It is one of the best free VPN for Kodi. With Ipvanish you get high-quality security and you no longer have to worry about the privacy. An encrypted connection is required for streaming copyright content on Kodi. It saves you from any legal trouble. Ipvanish gives you best internet speed so that no buffering occurs while watching HD or 4K videos.

When using Kodi on a computer, TV or mobile device, your internet traffic is open to view for ISPs and other third-party apps. Kodi VPN hides all your incoming and outgoing traffic making your connection completely anonymous.

Key Features:

  • 256-bit VPN encryption
  • Fast streaming speed
  • Large number of servers

Final Words

Kodi can be used without a VPN also it is not an essential requirement. However, as there are a large number of copyrighted content available on Kodi it is always a good thing to use VPN to safeguard the privacy. It also enhances the security of the user online.


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