WazirX Referral Code (4wb7ju6t)-50% Comission on Referral

Recent news from SC, to uplift ban on crypto in India. All crypto platform become active again. The major platform like WazirX, which is very popular also start accepting INR. WazirX is a platform where you can sell, buy and trade bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin and some other cryptocurrencies in India. It has spread in the all regions of India. It is available on Web, Windows, Android, iOS, and MacOS operating systems. WazirX gives you the feature to sell or buy digital cryptocurrencies without any difficulty. If you wanna to earn passive income then use my WaxirX referral code to register your account.

WazirX Referral Code : 4wb7ju6t 

After launching of WazirX, scenario has been changed totally. People feels safe and secure with WazirX. They give the first class security to their customers. The most important thing is, it supports 5 platforms, you don’t have to worry about where would I use (on which platform)it. WazirX is very simple to use, now it does not bother customers to use a cryptocurrency exchange platform. The blazing speed and the multi-level tasking is the key feature of it.

You don’t have to wait for decades, here your KYC get completed within few hours without wasting your time.

WazirX gives you the opportunity to earn without spending any money. You just have to share the application with your WazirX referral code or link and then you start to earn passive income. It’s procedural way to get passive income.

1. Share application link: Share the application link from your account on social media and other platforms. You can use my WazirX Referral Link for signup.

2. Sign Up/Create Account: When some one sign up or make account on the WazirX using your shared link it will help you to get the commission.

3. Ready for Reward: After signing up, if your friend does trade only then you would get 50% commission of your friend’s trading fees. It does not matter at what time he/she will trade.

Steps to Apply Referral Code to Get 50% Commission:

  1. Simply use the invitation link to install the WazirX application on your device from play/app store. Now open it up, here you need to sign up/create new account.
  2. Click on the “Referral Code”.

3. Fill the form totally as per the asked details (Email, Password). After clicking on the “Referral Code”  you need to put this 4wb7ju6t referral code.

Referral Code for WazirX 4wb7ju6t

4. WazirX would send you an Email on given Email ID. Please verify your Email address from received mail. Now you would be re-directed to verify one more security factor. And then click on the next button. It will lead you to home screen of WarizX.

5. So here it is. Now you are ready to use wazirX with referral.

After you install Wazirx, you can easily trade various cryptocurrency both in USDT and INR. The crypto market is evolving after SC lift it’s ban. It’s the right time to buy some tokens, so you can make good profit in future.

Do use my WazirX referral code and also share it with your friends to get extra bonus.



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