5 Best Kindle Alternative eBook Readers

Best Kindle Alternative

Here i am giving one of the best Alternatives to Kindle for eBook readers. There are so many eBook Readers are available in the store but we always wanted best eBook Reader. No matter which company it would be, What we want is it should work properly. There are so many advance features in these eBook Readers such as like Vocabulary Builder, you can built new dictionary, word wise etc. You will get different types of books like fiction, non fiction, novels, love, funny, child books each and everything it’s include. Even it’s available for different languages. Here i am giving full information about best Kindle alternatives. Just have a look here.

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5 Best Kindle Alternatives eBook Readers

Amazon Kindle Paper-white

Amazon Kindle Paper white is one of the best eBook selling eReader in amazon store. It has timeless design and stylish. No one replace it. It has come up with better features now. It has a high resolution display with 300 ppi, you may feel reads like real news paper. It has a best battery life, You can maintain up to 8 weeks battery life. It can support different content formats such as like PNG, JPEG, PDF, PNG, DOCX and DOC. You can connect WiFi connection also. Amazon Kindle Paper white cloud be best reader in the market. You can adjustable light according to your choice when ever you want like day or night. It has a massive eBook collections have this eBook. You may improve your communication skills also.

Amazon Kindle paper White Price : 144 $

Kobo Glo

Kobo Glo

Kobo Glo is the fourth generation of Kobo family. It was arrived in 2012. Kobo Glo is best alternative of Kindle. The kobo Glo sports 6 in diagonal super zforce touch screen, display with resolution of 1024*768 pixels. instead of large screen it has designed slim and brilliant display. the eBook though has a weight 185 grams. The best thing about Kobo Glo is you can built in with WiFi. By using WiFi connection you can easily access millions of eBook right from the beginning. Even there are so many different types of documents available such as like PDF, HTML, CBZ, epub and RTF. It has packed with massive 1200 mAh battery. The internal storage capacity will be 2 GB RAM. You can read very comfortably way at any time like day or night. It does not required any light, it has a perfect light production. You can directly link your kobo account to your Facebook timeline. At the end of the day you may feel looks great.

Kobo Glo Price  : 122 $

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Amazon Kindle Voyage

Amazon Kindle Voyage is most popular eBook Reader. It’s getting more popularity day by day. It has designed very light weight way. It works more friendly nature. You may not feel difficult to read on eBook. It come up with high resolution of 300 ppi. You will get low prices with massive collections. Even you can download and read samples for free before buying book. It can support WiFi connection also. It has a good battery life. You can keep maintain your battery up to 4 weeks. It’s available different content formats such as like BMP, JPEG, DOC, DOCX, GIF, PNG, HTML and TXT. You may read books in other languages also.

Amazon Kindle Voyage Price : 166 $

Sony PRS – T1

Sony PRS - T1

Sony PRS – T1 is best alternative of Kindle. It has designed very light weight and more convenient way. So any one can use so easily without having any problem. It gives more competition towards kindle eBook reader. You may get a perfect reading experience. It has a very large collection of eBooks you can simple download on your device. You can easily carry all books with you, You may read when ever you want. It is capable of connecting WiFi connection on your device. Even you can borrow eBooks from official website, It has a extended memory storage up to 32 GB. You may download eBooks directly from official websites. It’s not a big issue. There are so many useful features you will get for buying this ebook Reader. One of the best selling eBook product in the market.

Sony PRS – T1 Price : 199 $

Barnes and Nook Glow-light

Barnes and Nook Glow-light

Barnes and nook Glow light is most famous eBook Reader in the store. It has designed on the bases of android platform. It was developed by barnes and noble. It’s getting more popularity on day by day. No one replace this ebook reader. It’s a best eBook Reader that you can buy on store. It got a very good reviews from customers. It has arrived 6.5 inch with full resolution HD of 1024*758. It has a brilliant display options. You can comfortably read day or night. even it has a very good battery life. You can keep maintain up to 4 weeks in a month. There is a WiFi connection facility also available. So by using internet connectivity you can easily download eBooks on your device. It can supported different file formats such as like PDF, epub, PNG, JPEG and GIF.

Barnes and Nook Glow-light Price : $100

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These are best Kindle alternatives. Recently i have got Amazon Kindle Paper white. It is too good. I really feel like reading real book. But it’s a little bit costly. Do not worry you may select best eBook reader from above.


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