6 Best Github Alternatives Source Code Hosting Sites

Best GitHub Alternatives

If you are looking for a more modern and fully featured Source code hosting and sharing services then take a look here i am presenting one of the best source code hosting sites. We have numerous Source code hosting service out there but we always want best one. No matter which device you are using because it can support multiple platforms. Without any tension you can build your software in more secure way. These hosting services will make you to easily collaborate with your team and co-works. By using these hosting services you may approve code and review other team members code. Every service has different key functions from other. Here you will get full information about best source code sharing site.

Other Alternatives

6 Best Alternatives of GitHub


Gitlab is most popular code hosting file service in world. It’s available for free and is open source software across multiple platforms. By using Git-lab you can code, test and deploy together in one software. so what’s you thinking just simply download and install on your device in two minutes. It has named powerful code review in the world. It offers hosted accounts similar to GitHub. It allows you to use third party services. There are so many people using this software for code hosting service. It has very useful features just have a look here.

Key Features of Gitlab

  • It works more powerful code review
  • It has a activity stream
  • There is a file browser
  • You can solve your problems because it’s available issue management
  • Web hooks, code snippets , GIT hooks
  • It’s available free software

Bit Bucket

Bit Bucket is one of the best alternative of GitHub. It’s a open source platform for multiple devices. It has a capability to support different operating systems such as like windows, mac, OS X, Linux. Even you can use directly by creating online account, Simple sign up on official website of bit bucket. Basically it is based up on  source code management. You can collaborate on code with inline comments and you may pull requests also. You can easily manage and share your git repositories. You can enjoy flexible deployment models for teams of all sizes. You can easily get private and public repositories on bit bucket.


Key Features of Bit Bucket

  • You can pull request to anyone for code review
  • There are unlimited repositories
  • There are flexible deployment models
  • It has jira integration’s
  •  You can connect to framework also
  • It may support trigger web-hooks

Code plane


Code Plane is most popular web hosting service in the list. By using code plane you will get up to 2 GB git repositories. You may create as many as repositories as you can fit in to 2 GB. Would you like to collaborate on your repositories, you can it has no limit. But before that you must have paid account. It gives you to manage all your staff right from your terminal. It has designed very simple manner. You can do anything to your terminal. Its up to you what changes do you want. It can support different platforms also.

Key Features of code plane

  • You can easily create repositories
  • It has back up repositories also
  • It has so many advanced features
  • It can support full featured terminal
  • It’s work on more reliable  way


Redmain is best alternative to GitHub. It’s easy to mange multiple projects at a time. Basically redmine is used as best project management software and bug tracking system. It can support multiple operating systems. It has many advance features such as like calendar, gantt chart, file management, documents, integration news, email notifications, wed feeds etc. You can easily handle anything from this website. It’s not a big thing. It’s available more than one language. It’s completely free to use.


Key Features of Read-mine

  • It can support multiple database
  • You can use different plugins
  • There is a simple time tracking option
  • It can support multiple ldpa authentication
  • It can support role based access control
  • It’s available more than 34 languages

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These are best GitHub Alternatives. You can select best web based code hosting services for your device. You can easily manage your projects. It will help you best way. I can make sure that you will have nice experience.



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