6 Best VLC Alternative Media Players for PC and Android Devices

Best VLC Alternatives

Here i am presenting one of the best Media Player like VLC. These are best free media player app’s in the world. It can support wide range of video formats such as like MOV, MP4, AVI, ACC, OGG, MP3, TS, Ac etc. Now you can enjoy movies, Favorite TV shows and music albums. These media players are free, fast, secure and open source platforms. No matter what device

These media players are free, fast, secure and open source platforms. No matter what device your using it can support all Types of operating systems such as like windows, tablet, IOS, and Android. Here you will get full information about best alternatives to VLC.

Other Alternatives Apps

6 Best VLC Alternative Media Players

1.KM Player

KM Player

KM Player is a most popular alternative to VLC with so many key aspects. It’s commonly known as like K-multimedia Player. By using this media player you can run various video player formats such as like DVD, AVI, MVK, OGM, 3GP, VCD, Ogg, real-media, FLV, and quick time. KM Player is best for Microsoft Windows.

It’s also available in more than 36 languages. There are 360 millions of people using this media player on their desktop and mobiles. The best thing about KM player is lightweight for both audio and video player for desktop devices. Now you can enjoy watching your favorite movies, TV shows or any videos on your Windows and Android.

Key Features of KM Player

  • It can support HD videos and 3D format also
  • KM Player is 100 % free
  • You can make your own favorite playback playlist
  • You can watch any video with highest video quality and maximum control process
  • It can handle high range of video, audio, and subtitle formats also
  • You can capture video, audio and screen shots also
  • You can speed up your playback list


5KPlayer, as one of the alternatives for VLC media player (Windows and Mac), surpasses VLC in dealing with 4K UHD & HD videos by offering you a sleek performance of up to 8K playback, an additional online video downloading features and AirPlay streaming as well as mirroring.

It features the capability to play video and audio in all mainstream formats and forms, to download online video music from over 300 sites, to stream video/music for better enjoyment, and to mirror record your iPhone screen on computer, providing you with full functions completely for free. It is simple to use, just as it is nifty to look at.

5KPlayer Key Features:

  • Play any video music, 4K UHD, HD, 3D, DVD, live radio etc.
  • Download video, music, video playlist
  • Download online video directly to audio, convert local video to MP3/AAC
  • AirPlay supported, stream video music to other devices
  • Mirror and record iPhone iPad screen
  • Manage media files in an intuitive interface
  • 100% free and clean, no ad, no virus

3.SM Player

SM Player

SM Player is a versatile media player. One of the most popular multi-format media player. It’s free and open source across the platform. It can support any operating system such as like Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and Linux. It can support 30 different languages worldwide.

There are so many useful features in this media player such as like audio and video filter, you can change playback speed also, subtitles delay etc. It can support all types of formats you do not need to install any codecs. It’s available in various types of video formats such as like MOV, MVK, AVI, MP4, divx, mpeg etc.

SM Player Key Features

  • It can play all types of media formats
  • It can support you-tube also
  • anytime you can change theme of player
  • You can search and download subtitles also
  • It can available more than 30 languages
  • There are so many advanced options are available
  • It can support multiple platforms also

4.GOM Player

GOM Player

GOM Player is one of the best media player. It has already in built with codecs for both audio and video. So you do not need to install codecs separately. It can support different subtitles files such as like RT, SRT, SUB, SMI etc. Even it can support different video formats also. So now you will watch videos with better quality. GOM Player as same playlist format which one has like ASX, PLS, M3U. It’s also available in windows media format like ASX, ASF, WMV. It’s completely free software.

GOM Player Key Features

  • It work as like Skinnable interface
  • It has already include codecs on this media player
  • It can support various video formats
  • It can support multi platform also
  • It has so many advanced features
  • It’s available on different languages



MPlayerX has designed very simple, beautiful and powerful way. MPlayerx is most popular multimedia player. I think everyone must have this media player on their device. The worst thing about Mplayerx does not support full screen exit sense. This media player can support both android and IOS mobiles. If you want to use this app on their mobile then simple download from google play store and apple app store. It has designed very simple manner, you can easily operate this media player on your mobile.

Developer: Zongyao Qu
Price: $1.99
  • ‎MPlayerX Screenshot
  • ‎MPlayerX Screenshot
  • ‎MPlayerX Screenshot
  • ‎MPlayerX Screenshot
  • ‎MPlayerX Screenshot
  • ‎MPlayerX Screenshot

MPlayerX Key Features

  • It can play almost any format of stream
  • There is a apple remote support
  • Even it has a multi monitor support
  • You can directly detecting the encoding of subtitles.
  • You can find next episode automatically.
  • It has a capable to support ample tools

6.BS Player

BS Player

BS Player is most popular media player in Android market. No one can replace this media player. Everyone love to use this app on their mobiles. Because it’s very friendly. BS Player is a free open source across different platforms.

The best thing about BS player is it can support The best thing about BS player is it can support different range of formats. It has a very different key feature which makes it fast and smooth media player. It’s available in different languages with different subtitles also. Would you like to use this app on your mobile then you can download from here:-

BSPlayer Pro
BSPlayer Pro
Developer: BSPlayer media
Price: $5.99
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot
  • BSPlayer Pro Screenshot

BS Player Key Features

  • It can support latest version android version
  • It’s available both audio and video.
  • It can support multiple audio streams and subtitles
  • You may playback in pop window
  • It’s support customization gestures such as like volume control, jump, brightness, exit to pop video etc.
  • You can search subtitles automatically.

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These are one of the best VLC media player Alternatives. You can simply download from their store. Most of them are free to use. Every media player has many different functions from other app’s. You can select according to your choice.


  1. Is it real that KMPlayer and GOMplayer are the secure alternatives to VLC? I don’t think so. I prefer PotPlayer which is completely safe and armed with almost the same function as KMPlayer. Also 5KPlayer is another good one too, safe, free, and powerful.


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