7 Ways to Fix Error 522: Connection Timed Out on google chrome

Error Connection Timed Out

Google chrome errors are very common to these days and Google Chrome error 522 connection timed out is one of the frequent error of google chrome. You can fix this error on your chrome. It’s a very simple and easy.  You might face this error due to some reasons like hardware, software, and malware issues on your device. Now what you have to do is you have to get rid of these problem then only your chrome works properly. That’s why here i will share with you how to fix error connection timed out on google chrome. Here i will provide few solutions of this error but before going to do these process, just once you need to switch off both computer and router then try out them. May be you can resolve this error on your computer.

error connection timed out

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How to Fix Error Connection Time Out  on Google Chrome

1. Uninstall and Reinstall Chrome

  • What you have to do is simple uninstall google chrome on your computer
  • Reinstall google chrome on your computer
  • You can click here to re install google chrome on your computer

2. Remove Unused Browser Addons

  • Simple go to google chrome and click on settings option
  • At right side you may see the extension button and just click on extension option
  • Now you have to disable or delete any extension that you might not use on your device.
  • Simple check out your chrome is working or not.

3. Check Internet Connections

If you do not have good internet connection, you may get this error on your google chrome. You have to check your internet connection on your device otherwise you may not get rid of this problem.

  • Just simply open Run Command Prompt on your computer.
  • You may ping google.com
  • Just checked out if you have not lost any packets and you have a good internet connection on your device.
  • Otherwise you can contact to your ISP Provider.

4. Clear Browsing Data

If you want to over come this problem then you need to clear browsing data on your google chrome. You have to delete temporary internet files, cookies and cache. Just follow below instructions

  • Just open google chrome and at right most side you may see the tool bar
  • Just click on that toolbar and just scroll down, you may see History option.
  • Now you need to click on History button
  •  It will display in to new page, just simple click on clear browsing data option
  • That’s it You have cleared all your data on your google chrome

5. Release and Renew IP Address

  • Simple open the command line prompt as administrate
  • Just type ipconfig / flushdns and press the enter button
  • Next simple type ipconfig / registerdns and press the enter button
  • Similarly type ipconfig / release and press the enter button
  • Same as above, type ipconfig / renew and press the enter button.

6. Once Check Proxy Settings

  • Simple open the google chrome and click on settings option
  • Settings > Advance Settings > Network option
  • After that click on “change proxy settings
  • It will open up in to new page Just click on “LAN settings
  • Just nonstick use a proxy server for your LAN

These are possible solutions to fix error connection timed out on google chrome. Just try them which one is working for your device. Make sure that you have good internet connection. Otherwise you may get trouble. If you have any doubt regrading this error, you may feel free to discuss with us. Just comment on below. We will try to help you.


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