1. I have also recieved a verification code on mobile, but not yet received Activation link via email. I hope you can help me please?

  2. After entering all information for registeration ,submitting and after accepting the terms of service I didn’t get any kind of conformation codes and instead I m getting a message saying -there is some communication problem. So please answer for this problem

  3. my account is deactivated,if i try to create another account with my old mobile no it shows number already used,What to do now?

  4. i’m not able to register. whenever i try to open the link, the registration form is not available and it only prompts for the login details

  5. Clicking on signup taking to login page and not new user registration. Is there anything different that needs to be done to sign up now?

  6. when i click forgot password,then i am asked to give my email and pet’s name. after i enter this and ask to reset my password then it says new password has been sent to my email. but for past three days i have not received any email from irctc( indicating new password) at all. so what to do?

  7. Mera account create ho gaya ji lek in login karate samay 8A.M to 12P.M take not allowed bata raga Hai iska matalab ye Hai ki subhah opening ticket and tatkal ticket nahi nikal payega agar niklega to please help me

  8. I have received the verification code in mobile but not yet received activation link via email what to do please help me.

    • You must have received the verification code on your mobile or mail. Please check out your mail or phone for Irctc verification code

    • Hello Rahul

      I think there is no such way to make old IRCTC account, but few days earlier i was redirected to old panel. I exactly don’t know how it happen but when i tried to book ticket through old pane then they again redirect me to new one. So its waste to make old id.

    • Hello Srujani

      I am not the owner of Irctc, you have to apply there for re mail. You can either do it by irctc forget password option.

  9. Sorry for not giving full details in my previous comment. Actually when i login to my irctc account,it takes me to the account for few moments then automatically it logout.

  10. I created new account using my mobile no-of delhi,address proof jharkhand, account was successfully created wil verification code and link was send in email for verification. now with the same mobile at 10 pm night i tried to change my pass word but with multiple attempts it failed to change it. in the following morning at 9 am i login irctc with my user id and password , i have changed my password successfully on the computer. since morning i am trying to login my account i use my new password and give verification code. when i enter to go, the pop up window opens saying reenter pass word when i instsntly enter my pass word a pop up window says.
    Your Session has Expired.

    This error has occured for one of the following reasons :
    1) You have used Back/Forward/Refresh button of your Browser.
    2) You have double clicked on any options/buttons.
    3) You have kept the browser window idle for a long time.

    Click here to go to Login Page

  11. Not able to signup even after filling the form clearly & submitted.A comment appears Mobile no already in use. How to overcome the problem & sign up

  12. I have already submit the registration form but still now I am not getting any top or email for verify to my account

  13. This is very stupid. I cannot buy a ticket because I do not have an indian mobile number. What is the point of this? I have a passport. I am simply trying to buy a rail way ticket. Buying an airline ticket between countries is not this complicated nor requires this much verifcation!

  14. I am quite dismayed that I need an Indian phone number in order to create the profile. i tried the option as a non-indian and was told that I can scan my passport and send it to them and they will send me the mobile-phone code in an email. nothing …. tried contacting them in an email, asking about the support ticket # … nada …. they gave me another ticket #. tried contacting them again, i got another support ticket ID……. I wonder how these guys even conduct their business …. and BTW, i am a paying customer ….. why am I not surprised …..??? this is the state of affairs of our great nation ….. and we are supposed to be technical experts …. who can not even get a simple online booking site work seamlessly …. shame … .to say the least …..

  15. Can some on tell me if there are agents … or people in the hotels that can book a railway ticket …. when I left our great country, we used to have agents who used to take some fee to book the tickets …. I wonder if we still have those ….. I might as well go and pay someone to buy me a ticket because our IRCTC has made it impossible for me to buy ticket online …… kudos to our leaders who seem to make things more complicated purposely so that the parallel economy can prosper ….. at least someone has made things the way they are. and it is by design …. I am not surprised !!!

  16. I have old account but it is not recognizing it. Password error. Not creating an account with same email id and mobile no. I have only one mobile no.

  17. Hi, Is there any option to increase monthly booking limit of 6 booking/month?.I am a frequent traveller and booking limits affecting my travels.Please advise

  18. what shoud i write in flat/door no.. each time i put up something they are saying Min 3 characters & Max 225 alphabets, number and space are allowed only.. kindly pls help

  19. Treid 10 times to write my address every time it shows “error”- min 3 characters n max 225 alphabets numbers and space are allowed
    Pls help me out have tried my best

    • You just need to write your Plot No, other are optional, you can leave blank. Please tell me what you are filling in address details ??

  20. Shows a warning “min 3 characters n max 225 alphabets numbers and space are allowed” What does it even mean? I have filled out everything correctly including my address. An example of the address I have filled is.

    Address line 1: E 179
    Address line 2: P block
    Post office: Gurgaon South City ll S.O
    City: Gurgaon
    State: Harayana
    Pin code: 122018

  21. I’m getting the same error msg as tausif and anasum, don’t know what to do, it’s irritating me can any1 say me the solution?? “Min 3 and max 225 characters…”

  22. I still have not received the OTP on my mobile. It’s been 2 days now. Today Icreated a new account with a different no. and it didn’t help. Any tips?

  23. Hello may Mobile aap IRCTC may ek account banai bt uska Jo id or password hai wo may laptop pe login karte hi invalid bolta hai.kya may wo account lappy may open ni karshakti

  24. Hello. I’m registering from abroad. I received my otp code to verify my email, but haven’t received otp code to verify my mobile despite the service saying it has been sent. Is there any way I could enter another mobile to see if they could send the code there.

  25. My account registered with IRTC ,earlier, is crippled an I am unable to do transaction from it, from which it is headache to book ticket. Can you kindly solve this as early as I have to go to Kaamakhya by train shortly.

  26. Dharmesh sir, hello my name is farheen when I was creating my account on IRCTc I entered a wrong email I’d of mine, I mean alphabets ofy correct email I’d were misplaced so my account is still not activated as you know it takes two verification first otp sent on your registered mobile number and otp to your registered email I’d… Please help me out. Dharmesh Sir.


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