How to Fix Error 651 on Windows 7/8/10

How to Fix Error 651

Recently i have got a new desktop and i have installed windows 8 professionall. I do not know what’s problem on my device. I am unable to connect to internet on my device. It shows as error 651 on windows 8. This is connection error 651 of modem. Finally i have resolved this error on my windows. If you are getting same error on your windows, do not worry here i will share with you how to fix error 651 on windows 7/8/10. You may get rid of this error on your windows. There are few solutions are available for this error 651. It’s a very simple and easy. You can fix this error 651 on your windows in a simple manner. If you do not have any idea then just follow on belwo instructions.  You will get full information about how to fix error 651.

fix error 651

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 How to Fix Error 651 on windows 7/8/10

  1. Disable IPV6 internet connection

  • First you need to open control panel and Choose Network and Internet 
  • Now you have to select Networking and Sharing Center
  • Now you need to click on active network Connection.


  • Now you have to select Properties and you can switch to networking tab

2016-02-12_153146Now you will get full list of networking tab, now you need to untick IPV6 internet protocol

2. Disable Auto Tuning Feature

If you are able to using router on your computer then this method may work for you. What you have to do is simple disable auto tuning feature. Just follow below steps

  • You need to launch Command Prompt with Administrative rights
  • Netsh interface tcp set global autotuning=disable  
  • Just simple copy the above command and paste it on command prompt
  • Now you have to restart and reconnect your internet connection

3. Reinstall Network Adapter

When you are unable to connect internet on your computer, may be error 651 arrive on your display. I think this is best solution for your problem. What you need to do is simple reinstall network adapter on your device

  • First you need to search devmgmt.msc
  • Now you have to double click on to launch device manager, just simple start searching network adapter category on your device
  • Just click on “+” icon , you will find out


  • Now you have to right click on first network adapter and You need to uninstall this software
  • Now you can restart your computer
  • Network adapter will reinstall automatically

4. Reconnect your Router

In most of the cases it will work for so many users. It’s best troubleshoot step. What you have to do is simple reconnect your router to your device. Just turn off your router and again connect your router to your device . If in case you are using LAN connection then unplug the wire and connect the wire again with your device.

5. Clean Boot

If you have any problem on your windows then this is the best solution for your problem. Because it will resolve any error on windows. If you want to perform clean boot then you will need to follow few conditions such as like you need to disable all your services. Just follow below steps

  • Just simple search for msconfig.exe
  • Now you have to launch Windows configuration on your device
  • There is a general tab on windows configuration, you have to click on selective start up and choose load startup items 


  • Now you have to click on service tab. Where you can see option like “Hide all Microsoft services ” stick on that option then click on disable all services.
  • Now you have to restart your computer. That’s it and try to connect your internet connection.


These are the best solutions for error 651 on windows. Just try it out which one is working for you. If you are having any problem while solving this problem, just comment on below. We will try to help you.


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