Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android (Free Music Download) 2017


Downloading music or listening to them online is a way of life. In this article, I will put before you a list of Top 10 best mp3 downloader app for Android, and you can choose the best one. Every app has its set of features and facilities to offer; you can go for the one which appeals you the most.

MP3 Downloader App

So, here is the list for best music downloader for Android 2017:

Top 10 Best MP3 Downloader App for Android 2017

1. SoundCloud Downloader

SoundCloud Downlaoder

We all know that SoundCloud is one of the best known mp3 downloading app for Android. It is your one-stop destination for not just listening to songs but also for going through audiobooks and podcasts. The app allows you to listen to music as well as upload music, enabling you to share it with others. It as well lets you share, like or comment on the songs that have been uploaded by others.

2. Google play music

Google play music
The Google play music has been yet another great choice for all the mp3 downloading needs. Over the time, Google play music has become one of the best mp3 downloaders for Android, and along with the subscription offers it has, it might as well let you download music for free.

3. 4shared

4shared4shared is yet another app which tops the list of best mp3 downloader as it has a huge list of songs to choose from. It has some 5,000,000 plus tracks, and you can look up through its entire database for anything and everything you need. As and when you download music, those will keep adding to the 15 GB of data available on your 4shared cloud folder.

It is indeed a fantastic app, and despite the very cliché interface, it is still one of the favorites of many!

4. RockMyRun

RockMyRunIt Is one of the best mp3 downloaders for your workouts or the walking sessions. RockMyRun allows you to keep music saved for hearing them online, downloading it to be precise and at the same time it also lets you cache it. It has some cool music with the DJ touch, surely to entice you during the times you work out.

Also, it lets you match the BPM with your heart rate, filter the length of the playlist to match up to the time required for your session, or as well come up with its suggestions depending upon the current state. (myBeat feature)

5. Wynk Music

WynkThis one is for all the users having an Airtel connection. Chances are you already know about this application, and you have tried it already. In case you haven’t, this is worth it. With more than 1.8 million songs aboard, you can both stream as well as download music. It lets you search for music depending upon the artists, genres, etc. Download Wynk app.

6. Gaana

This again is one of the best android mp3 downloaders with its collection of 10 million songs. Here, you can explore from the already created playlists which are based on a particular genre, and you can as well create your own depending upon your choice. The app has songs in both English as well as Hindi and also any other Indian regional language, for free! Download Gaana app.

We all know how much this apps ad had trended in the recent past; it surely was worth all the attention!

7. MP3 Music Download Pro

MP3 Music Download ProThis is yet another best free mp3 downloader for Android available for free. It allows you to go through the millions of songs available on the app and also let you download them for free. With the help of this application, you can as well search the search engines, and with its advanced features, you can download three songs at the same time.

In case you want to cut short some song, this app lets you do it too; you could use it for your ringtone may be! All you need is your net, and you shall be good to go!

8. GTunes Music

GTunes Music
GTunes music is one of the best music downloaders for Android and with its primary interface, easy searching and downloading options, millions of songs, and music on public domains, this app is good to go! An additional feature for this application is it lets you create your ringtone for assigning it to any contact on your phonebook.

This is indeed one of the best mp3 downloader apps which shall always let you choose from the best of the best!

9. Music Maniac

Music Maniac
Music Manic is another one on the list of best mp3 downloader app for android 2016. The app isn’t available on Google play store, but it is by far one of the best yet simplest of mp3 downloaders for all time. All you have to do is search up for the music you want, and you shall have it. The app isn’t very thick, and it will in no way slow down your phone’s performance.

10. Music Download Paradise

Music Download paradiseLast, but not the least is Music Download Paradise. It is a great app for mp3 music and allows you to work with sound clips, voice effects, download music and of course search for any song. However, the songs that are viewed via this app have copyright laws bound to them. The app has a very basic user interface, and you can choose songs from the list of songs available in the music library. You can as well save the music you download and hear them out later!

Now that was on the list of Top 10 best mp3 downloader app for android 2016! There is so much to choose from and so much to explore, but well, the best remains the best. Also, at the end of it all, it pretty much depends on the kind of need you have and the features that you must use.


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