5 Best Evernote Alternatives Apps for Note Taking

Best Evernote Alternatives

Now you can bring life’s work together in one digital space. I think it’s the best place to collect inspirational ideas, write something meaningful words and move to your important life. You can easily recall and remember what happen in your life. May feel like your personal and professional dairy. You can work anywhere and anytime. Here I am presenting one of the best apps like EverNote.

It does not matter what your writing skill would be but these apps keep focused on your ideas from inspiration to completion. You can easily gather everything that you have in you life, even you can access them whenever you want to be. You can quickly keep store your physical and digital details of your project details in a very safe way. It has everything that you need in your daily life. Just have a look here you can find out one of the best note taking apps for android and IOS mobiles.

best evernote alternative

Other Alternatives Apps

5 Best Evernote Alternatives Apps

1.Google KeepGoogle Keep

Google Keep is one of the best alternatives of Evernote. It allows you to capture information in any platform no matter what device you are using. You will feel that it’s the best way to start writing something meaningful to your life. I think one of the good modern workspaces. Google keep helps you to save your thoughts and opinions on your smartphone.

If you want to use it on your mobile then you can download from google play store. It can support both Android and IOS mobiles. Basically, Google keep is used as note taking the application. It was developed by Google company. Google keep has many different features just have a look here.

‎Google Keep - Notes and lists
‎Google Keep - Notes and lists
Developer: Google
Price: Free

Key Features of Google keep

  • You can use color coding notes.
  • Can also insert images.
  • You can set time and location according to your choice.
  • Convert text notes into checklists.
  • It’s available for both Android, iOSetc
  • You can choose multiple view or single view.

2.Microsoft OneNote

microsoft onenote

Microsoft OneNote is a most famous note-taking application in the list. You can quickly capture what’s on your mind, you can remind whenever you want to be. Now you can store all your notes in one place. Basically, Microsoft OneNote is used as like digital space for you to make lists, lectures, vacations planning, meeting notes anything you can organize according to your way. By using Microsoft one you can record audio, you can click photos, snap-chat and it’s saved automatically on it. You can access anytime

By using Microsoft one you can record audio, you can click photos, snap-chat and it’s saved automatically on it. You can access anytime whenever you want to be. Even you can share your thoughts and opinions to friends, family members or others. It’s free and anyone can download it, does not matter what your device. It can support such as like windows phone, MAC, PC, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple Watch and Android mobiles.

‎Microsoft OneNote
‎Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote Key Features

  • You can create and update your own checklists.
  • It can support different format notes such as like color line, bold, indent, highlights
  • Notebooks can sync across your device and computers.
  • You can add both audio and video to your notes.
  • Easily access to recent notes on your device.
  • You can organize your own notes, tags and sections.

3.Simple note


Simple note turns your phone into an extension of your brain. It is one of the best note taking an application for android mobiles. You can share your thoughts with others. A simple note is free, fast and easy. It has the friendly interface. It’s available freely, you can simply download it for your mobile and start using directly on your smartphone. A simple note can sync all your devices. You can access anytime whenever you want.

Developer: Automattic, Inc
Price: Free

Key Features of Simple Note

  • You can write notes, checklists, update them
  • can search them anytime.
  • It’s 100 % free software.
  • fast and secure.
  • It’s very easy to use.
  • You can organize web articles, docs and photos.



Notezilla is a most famous alternative to Evernote. It has unique key features. Notezilla is compatible with any device. It’s not available freely. You need to purchase it. Notezilla is best for notes and reminders. It can support different operating systems such as like Android, iOS, iPhone, iPad, iPod, Apple watch, Windows PC, and MAC. You can restore your notes when you switch to another phone. Because there is a backup option available in it.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

Key Features of Notezilla

  • The notes list is very simple and intuitive.
  • can secure your notes by providing a master password on your mobile.
  • You can use different colorful border lines.
  • can easily make lists.
  • You can locate them very easily.
  • can easily tag them on your own group.

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These are one of the best alternatives to Evernote. Every note taking app has many different key features and useful functions. Anyone one can use it, it’s very easy to use on your mobiles. You can view your all notes whenever and where ever you want to be. Start using something useful in your life, maybe that keep motivates towards your success in life.


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